The outspoken Brit journalist and tv personality Piers Morgan (52) who judged America’s Got Talent alongside media personality Sharon Osbourne (65) from 2007 to 2011, reflected back on some of his experiences and stories while working with her.

Piers Morgan now shares the story of being Strangled by Sharon Osbourne. Check the story below:

Piers Morgan Recalls Getting Strangled by Sharon Osbourne

Although both are on good terms now, all was not well between the two with Morgan claiming he was traumatized after waking up on a private jet with Sharon’s boob in his face and she strangled him in a dinner party with NBC execs.

The confession came on the sets of the ‘Loose Woman’ on Monday where both made an appearance. Despite Sharon protesting, Morgan confessed about some awkward moments they shared while working together.

Reminiscent of the plane incident Piers said: ‘Perhaps the worst experience … I’m still traumatized by this. I was on a private jet from Chicago to LA with all the stars of the show.’ ‘Sharon has hit the red wine, and I go to sleep,’ he said. ‘But I was woken up at 2 am with a sort of kerfuffle. I look up and all I can see is this blur in front of me and I realize it is Sharon’s naked breast and I’m being filmed. I’ve never felt so traumatized.’

Explaining further details on how they first met, he revealed that Sharon strangled him in front of NBC executives, Jerry Springer and Sharon’s husband Ozzy Osbourne.

He said: ‘I get a call saying “look we’ve had a change of judges, Sharon Osbourne is joining the show.” I thought “oh that could be awkward” as I’d written some not entirely complimentary things about Sharon. ‘Anyway, we meet for a dinner with NBC and all their executives, Jerry Springer, who was going to be the new host, which was just as well given what happened. Anyway, dinner went OK, Ozzy [Osbourne] was there and we were getting on quite well, then I said something a little bit confrontational and then Sharon responded. Sharon had run up behind me … all the top executives were there.’ 

Both Piers and Sharon knew in the show business for their confrontational behavior, outspoken nature and not being politically correct most of the time, Piers comment at the dinner rubbed her off in a wrong way prompting an angry reaction.

Recalling the heated incident Piers said: ‘She runs up behind me and begins to strangle me to death. It wasn’t funny. She was literally throttling me. Ozzy was trying to pull her off.’

He concluded: ‘Eventually Jerry Springer had to literally pull her off me. I got back to my hotel room and take a sleeping pill to try and get over the whole thing.’

As the saying goes time heals even the deepest wounds, in this case, time indeed healed the trauma of getting choked nearly to death. Piers on further said that it was Ozzy Sharon’s husband who compelled her to apologize to him later via a phone call. Well, whatever these two have done in the past seems to be all forgiven as they seem to be great pals now.