“If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it – no matter what.” No matter how much trouble I get into, no matter how much pain I have to endure, I will complete it if I have already made up my mind. If I’ve set goals, I will definitely achieve all of them.


Do you buy what the superhero of ‘Arrow’ believes? Are you one of his followers on Twitter or Instagram? Want to know more about him? Then, here are some details of Rick Gonzalez’s married life with Sherry Aon. Stick with us to know more about their children and family.

Rick Gonzalez Married Sherry Aon

With a fairly fit body and a 5 feet 8 inches’ height, any woman will crave for a star like him. From all of the digging we have done in the actor’s social media profiles, we have found that he is with Sherry Aon. However, it is still unclear whether they are married.

CAPTION: Rick Gonzalez Married Sherry Aon
SOURCE: Instagram

Even though we don’t know about their married life, it is clear that the couple could not be happier than this. On July 25th, the actor tweeted quoting Aon as,” The Beyonce to my Hov.”

CAPTION: Rick Gonzalez
SOURCE: Instagram

The 39-year old actor also has a daughter.  But, her name is not yet known to us. Her daughter was born on 26th July 2013, as seen from his Instagram account.

When asked about his fatherhood in an interview, the actor replied:

It’s amazing. Very tiring, just no sleep, but other than that it’s a lot of fun.

CAPTION: Rick Gonzalez child
SOURCE: Instagram

If you go across Gonzalez’s Instagram, you might come across several photos of the happy family. The family of three seem happy enough as they spend ample time together.

CAPTION: Rick Gonzalez with family
SOURCE: Instagram

Except for Sherry Aon, the renowned actor has not been seen with any other women. The actor does not seem to have any extramarital affairs.

Rick Gonzalez on Arrow

Rick is now seen in the new superhero hit series, ‘Arrow.’ His role is that of the ‘Wild Dog’ as the same DC comics character had in ‘Green Arrow.’ He also has a pinned post on Twitter since September 29 about the crisis that struck Puerto Rico. In the video, he has asked for whatever we can do to help the Puerto people.

Rick Gonzalez’s Mini-Bio

Rick Gonzalez, as everybody knows is an American actor best known for his roles in ‘Coach Carter’ and ‘Arrow’. Born on 30th June 1979, to a Dominican and Puerto Rican parents, he started his career right after his graduation from the High School of the Performing Arts.

Gonzalez started his filming career after he acted in the television movie, ‘Thicker than blood’. A famous entertainment site marks that the actor was nicknamed the “October Gonzo” for his blog about the 2008 MLB Post Season.

Up until now, the actor has not won any awards, but he has now got some fame with the supernatural superhero sitcom, ‘Arrow’. The actor also has his own mixtape album named “The Invisible Man”.

It seems that the married life of Rick and Sherry is going amazingly wonderful. It looks like the couple is living a blissful relationship with their child.