Quick Facts Rodney Sacks

When it comes to the list of successful businessman billionaire, Rodney Sacks top the list with his successful story. Coming from the small family and born in the small town of South Africa, it takes lots of guts, lucky and magical talent to reach such height. Coming from another country and making hot net worth of billions dollar from the single beverage company, he is the man whose bio can be really inspiring for the one who wants to achieve something in his life.


 Mentioning some of his childhood memories and educational backgrounds, he was born in South Africa and this tight billionaire has privatized most of his information so, it’s better to highlight only main points here. He earns the graduate degree followed by the postgraduate diploma degree taking a major in tax law from the University of Witwatersrand. After graduation without wasting any time, he quickly became the lawyer and started his job.

Within a short period of time, he got the huge name, fame and regarded as one of the young, hardworking and talented lawyers of his town. He spent 20 years of his lifetime as the successful and professional lawyer of South Africa. During his long tenure, he got the position of Werksman’s partner at the very young age, the dedication, honesty and loyalty towards his position made him the Senior Partner position in later days.

Rodney Sacks biography includes the phase when he migrated from South Africa to America in the year 1989. With his fellow mates from South Africa, Rodney and Hilton Schlosberg established the consortium of the stakes of Hansen Natural Cooperation in the date 1990 which later became the second largest and big companies providing energy drink in the United States. In the year 1992, he made the company from private to public and acquired other parts of the company and recommend other products like Hansen’s Apple Juice and Natural Soda. In the present time, the company holds the net worth of 17.5 million with the team of 12 employees and hundreds of other employees.

The massive change and progress came in his life when he introduces Monster Beverage in the market in the year 2001. After having hard times occupying the market, he played the strategic role in sharing the market with Rockstar and in the year 2012, he rebranded the company as Monster Beverage and rule all over the market. Now the company holds the value of $2.5 billion dollars with more than 2000 employees worldwide, where Rodney play the role of Director.


Rodney-sacksComing to his personal life, just like his early childhood history, this section is also occupied and is well hidden from the public. Likewise, there is no information about Rodney Sacks’ girlfriend, relationship status, marriage, divorce, and children.

His salary is $6,223,793 in the year 2016 while Rodney Sacks’ net worth stands at $1.77 billion dollars (2016).