Quick Facts Jim Gardner

  • NameJim Gardner
  • Birth PlaceDelaware, New York City
  • ProfessionAmerican news anchors
  • MarriedYes
  • Married to Amy
  • EducationColumbia University
  • Children4

Jim Gardner born in the date 1948, May 17 is the son of absolute prominent New York city doctor. He was born and raised in the valley of Delaware, New York City. Jim has spent all his adulthood there with his family, though there is not much information about Jim Gardner biography which includes early childhood memories, however, it is quite sure he was always keen and focused on his future, career with lots of good sense of humor which later helped him to become one of the sensational American news anchors of all time.


Mentioning Jim Gardner education degree, he has the degree of Bachelor of Arts majoring in Political Science from Columbia University and got his first move towards the field of journalism after graduation. Later in the year 1974, he attended Brown University in order to obtain further Master Degree in the same subject. The work history and path to success began early in his life right after the graduation and he is still on the same path with huge success along with name, fame and a good bunch of net worth.

Jim Gardner bio includes the first phase of work history right after his graduation in political science. He first began his work as the reporter in Historic Studio Riots at Columbia in the year 1968 which is university radio station for WKCR-FM. He followed the reporting task until he decided to do something better than reporting which was being a professor in political science. The turning point came in Gardner life when he joined WINS Radio in New York and got the position of desk assistant, writer, and producer for all the shows of the radio. He marvelously finished all the job which in result made him the competitive man for the job. 

Right after his Master Degree he was offered the reporting job in WKBW-TV and was assigned to report about Buffalo and within six months he became the regular reporter and anchor of the show. He has been in the business for a long time, and during his long tenure, he has the prior work experience of working in WPVI in the year 1976.He covered the news of Democratic and Republican presidential nominating convention since 1980.  He is still working in the WPVI and anchor the news of 6 PM and 11 PM.

Moving to his personal life section, there is no account of indulging in girlfriends and relationships back in the days however he is a happily married man. Jim Gardner married to Amy in the year 1970 and has four children together. The couple has spent almost their entire life together so, it is likely to have any chances of the couple to have a divorce or any other additional affairs things.

Jim Gardner has the net worth of $408685018 in the year 2015, however, some sites state even more. Since he is in the television business for a long time, it’s quite obvious to have such kind of net worth.