Quick Facts Samuel Soba

Unlike many celebrities, there are other celebrities who are recognized or come into highlight due to their husband and wife. In the similar contrary, we present Samuel Soba who is the husband of Keri Hilson. Samuel Soba is likely the name which you don’t remember but he is one of a kind who has always been highlighted and came into lights and media due to her super hot singer and songwriter Keri Hilson. Let’s dig it out more.


Samuel Soba who was born in the December of 1982 falls under the Black Ethnicity and followed Christianity in religion. Since he is not a popular as his wife Keri, most of the information about him is private and is not available in the market. While concerning about Samuel Soba height and physics he stands 5 feet 9 inch tall and possessed some good qualities which helped him to be with Keri. There is not much information about how the hot diva Keri met with this tight physics man, however, they ended up by marriage in the year 2002, March 17.

Concerning about his wife Keri Lyn Hilson, she is regarded as one of the top American Actress, R&B pop singer followed by the songwriter. She was born on December 5, 1982. Though she had a hard time coming to this industry but she made it all and it’s pretty big. During the process of making name and fame, she was named with many top celebrities in the past including Serge Ibaka and much more. But separating the crowd Samuel Soba take the lead and make the hottest diva his wife. 

The love story between the sweet couple might start in the year 2000. Though their actual account has not been recorded or highlighted in the media they are happily married couple now. But the things is quite different here, they have two children, the name of the first children is not mentioned however the second son is Jayden which many sites claimed that Jayden is not the child of Samuel and Keri. Actual information about the Jayden parents has not been disclosed yet. Though one of them is the father or mother of Jayden but it’s not sure whether it’s of Samuel or Keri. Keri has been in a relationship before so it’s kind of doubtful that it’s of Keri while Samuel past relationship is completely hidden.

Samuel Soba professional life and personal life is quite hidden so there is not much for us to provide you. However, the couple is living together and there is no sign for the couple to indulge in divorce things. Looking at the very few pictures of Samuel and Keri together they seem to have very nice life and there is less chance of producing other babies and attending unwanted extra-marital relationships. Likewise, Samuel Soba net worth is also not disclosed and he is very far away from every social platform or sites.