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Ryno one wheel motorcycle

Published on : 2013-12-17Last modified : 2014-09-06 02:03:19 By:Jhr Na

American based company RYNO motors lunched electric one wheel motorcycle with 10MPH. According to the RYNO motors due to its small sizes you can ride most of the places where two wheel bike is not possible for ride like urban parks and offices elevators, hotel lobbies, outdoor malls, amusement parks etc. It will be most effective for moving quickly in urban areas for shipping facility or for you quick pizza delivery. As it is stands on one wheel, it balances from the weight of the riders. Lean forward make riders accelerate forward and backward lean make bike follows suits. RYNHO can park anywhere with bumpers attached under the tail light and with its brake. It takes 6 hour to recharge its battery and can reaches maximum speed up to 16 km/p in urban sidewalk.one wheel motor bike RYNO one wheel motor bike

Range 10 miles
Max speed urban sidewalk 10 mph
Recharge Time 6 hour
Weight 160lbs
Footprint 25.5” x 38.5”
Max Hill Incline 20% Grade
Max load Capacity 260lbs
Turning radius Zero to 3ft
Retail cost $ 5,295
Manufacturing Hand Built in USA

source : rynomotors.com  

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