Sarah Snyder is an American print and fashion model as well as an Instagram star, who rose to fame as the girlfriend of renowned Hollywood actor Jaden Smith. Snyder and Smith dated since 2015.

Heart Mugger: Sarah Snyder

A fashion model from New York, Sarah Snyder rose to prominence when she was seen being cozy with American teen sensation/saga boy  Jaden Smith, who is four years younger than her, amid the May 2015 premiere of Pitch Perfect 2.Jaden and Sarah have been reportedly dating since early 2015. They are regarded as an extremely close couple because of their numerous intimate public appearances. All the more exactly, the youthful couple is close to the point that they are unbothered to kiss or snuggle one other openly.Notably, they made headlines during the Gypsy Sports Fashion Show during September 2015 New York Fashion Week, kissing and cuddling one another despite numerous paparazzi keeping a close eye on them.

Allegedly a Former convict

Reports have it that a four-month investigation starting from February 2015, found her guilty of stealing $16,000 Birkin Handbag from a Bradford store located in New York. Such reports have claimed that she fulfilled the bail amount of  $7500 at the Westchester County Jail.In any case, she later uncovered via an early 2015 Instagram post that she no longer faced the charges. She also insisted via the Instagram post that she was actually in Florida when the affirmed burglary took place.

 Social Networking Presence, Personality, Fashion sense, Relationship guru and Acting


Sarah Snyder is a social networking magnet who enjoys around 1 m plus following on Tumbler (nastygall), Facebook and Instagram combined.Personality wise she is often referred to by the words such as "eclectic", "humorous", "witty" and "It girl".The brown eyed pixie blonde of Caucasian ethnicity, who possess a slim build body, is celebrated by her fans for her distinct fashion sense involving jeans. She is an Instagram sensation who timely posts her appealing pictures including bikini shots and modeling pictures on Instagram.She once even posted a picture of herself on Instagram, where she was seen wearing a t-shirt that showcased the photo from her mugshot.She may have gotten entire heaps of publicity being the sweetheart of Jaden, but she had previously made a name for herself during her high school as a relationship guru, advising girls on sex, drugs, boys' issues,  break ups and life on Tumbler. Till this day, she helps inquirers who ask her assistance on Tumbler. Her notable acting credentials include Skeleton Key 2: 667 Neighbor of the Beast (2008), Greencastle (2012) Scarlet Rain (2010). Last but not the least, she will be playing Barbara Hamilton in Night Of the Living Dead: Genesis  (2016, filming) and Laura Gentry in Ghoul Society (2013, shooting).