Born on January 1, 1985, Emily Sears is an Australian Model and actress, who has more than 15 magazines covers to her name. Born in Melbourne, Australia, she is currently pursuing her career in Los Angeles, California.

Modeling Career

Emily was raised in the Cultural diversity of Melbourne, Australia and was exposed to the passion for aesthetics. She grew up in a very flexible family and got support from her family throughout her career. Emily used to see pictures of the various model from her early days and she decided to pursue a career in modeling after she saw some pictures of her aunt, Wendy Martin. Wendy Martin was a famous Australian model during the year 1956. Wendy won the Australian model of the year title in 1956. She was fascinated by the photographs of her aunty and she frequently visited her aunt in Los Angeles before she started her career. After seeing pictures of her aunt, she set out to take some pictures that someday would be the vintage pin-ups for her grandkids.

After entering into the modeling industry, she did her first magazine cover photo shoot for the largest men for Australia Zoo Weekly. Since then she has made appearances in various titles such as GQ USA, FHM, MAXIM, RALPH, M, TRANSWORLD MOTOCROSS and KANDY. She has made appearances on various events representing different brands such as Esquire Magazine, Ciroc, Two in the Shirt, Monster Energy and Maneater Swimwear. She is also available for event and spokesmodel work for Kuhmo Tires, Comfort Revolution, and Naven.

Video Appearances

As a model, she has made numerous appearances in video clips and music video. Her video clips appearances include WSHH iCandy: Emily Sears by WorldStarHipHop (2013), Black Lingerie #20 SHOWGirlzExclusive (2014) and Hard Live Free and Chive by TheChive (2015). Her Music Videos appearances include: The Wrong Brother-Briggs (2010), All I Blow is Loud (2013), Chive On (2014), I Won (2014), Party Girls (2014), Duh (2015) and You Got Me (2015).

 She also worked with various big names such as Kanye West in a music video I Won, Wiz Khalifa in a music video Part Girls and G-Eazy in music video You Got Me. In social networking sites, numerous men have harassed her using vulgar words in the private message.

Fight against sexual harassment and Personal life

She recently decided to expose men’s harassment through her social networking sites. In an interview, she said that she received messaging indicating her as a slut and she has been fighting against such attitude of men towards women. Her step to expose these men has motivated other women who are a victim of harassment in social networking sites to take action against it.

Emily stands tall with a height of 5’8’’ and she has perfectly maintained body physique. She looks hot and sexy in bikini and her pictures in a bikini on the internet are quite hard to resist for men. Till date, there is no any information about her married life, relationship and affairs.