If you are the lover of hockey then you might know ‘The Next One’. Yes, you are correct, we are talking none other than a Canadian professional hockey player Sidney Patrick Crosby. He is the caption of the Pittsburgh Penguins of NLH. 


Well, he is dating bridal model Kathryn Lautner. They are living a romantic relationship without any controversies. So today let’s get information about their relationships and also about Kathryn. Let’s get things underway.

Sidney Crosby and Kathryn Lautner Relationship

Talking about the relationship between Sidney and Kathryn they both have been secretive about their affair till now. But, today we are here to acknowledge about the couple. Besides, we can assume that they have been in a relationship for 9 years now.

[ CAPTION: Sidney Crosby and Kathryn Lautner ][ SOURCE: Pinimg ]

During the year 2010 to 2011, there were some controversies in their relationship which create the dispute between them. But sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together. And believe that they built their relationship stronger than ever.

[ CAPTION: Sidney Crosby and Kathryn Lautner ][ SOURCE: Pinimg ]

Their long relationship proof that they truly are the loving couple and without any doubt, we can say that their love will remain until the end of their life, our best wishes are always with them.

[ CAPTION: Sidney Crosby and Kathryn Lautner ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

There is no any past love relationship history in the life Sidney and Kathryn is the first girl to get an entry in the heart of Sidney. And Kathryn was also not involved in any relationship before this. With an understanding, trust and love their relationship is growing stronger.

Sidney and Kathryn Marriage

An icy handsome hunk and a sizzling hot lady, both look as if they are made for each other. However, the couple is together for 9 years and their fans are waiting for their relationship to the next level.

[ CAPTION: Sidney Crosby and Kathryn Lautner ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

But it seems that they are now focusing on their career right now. We hope that they will soon inform their fans about their wedding plans.

Who is Kathryn Lautner?

Kathryn Lautner was born and brought up in Virginia on 13th December 1987, started her career as a model at the age of 18. It is believed that she was discovered from somewhere near to her hometown. She was also in the season 1 of Swimsuit 2011 model search but it was a bad time for her, she loses the competition.

[ CAPTION:  Kathryn Lautner ][ SOURCE: Pinimg ]

She has been on the cover of Fitness magazine many times. She also worked with Abercrombie and Fitch. She admitted that she is the die-hard fan of Eagle’s club of Philadelphia. However, she is famous as a model but she is more famous for being the girlfriend of Sidney Crosby.