Former KYGO radio DJ David Mueller filed a legal against Taylor Swift after she accused him of grabbing her.

Mueller lost his job after Swift blamed him of groping her at a meet-and-greet at her 2013 concert held in Denver. Swift has counter sued him after he filed a case claiming that he was unjustified and lost his job after he was falsely accused.

The jury selection began in a Denver courtroom on August 7 where her lawyers picked jurors and introduced them to the pop star.

Dressed in a black jacket, Taylor Swift watched the federal proceedings in the courthouse where Mueller read the documents turning his back towards the singer. Eight juries were chosen from 60 possible jurors and were asked several questions including if they are favoring any party.

One of them was dismissed for making comments on Swift as he said her ‘ petty and spiteful’. The hearing is to begin on Tuesday.

During the photo shoot at a 2013 meet-and-greet at Pepsi Center, Taylor Swift accused Mueller of lifting her skirt and grabbing her bare bottom, however, he denied the accusation. As a result, Mueller was kicked out of the job.

He sued Taylor Swift, her mother Andrea and her radio promotions director, Frank Bell in 2015 and Swift has counter sued him for improperly touching her.