In today’s date, movies making school are one of the centers of attraction among the youngsters. This field has been appeared as a most interested field by the learners. Some of the movies making schools of United States of America are:

  1. New York Film Academy: The New York Film Academy provides the one year programs, Accelerated Three Year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree programs, Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees and two year Associates of Fine Arts (AFA) degrees. These programs are offered in Acting for Film, screenwriting, producing, Filmmaking, Cinematography, Documentary, Game Design, Digital Photography, 3D Animation. This Academy is considered as the best film school in the world. For detail info about New York Film Academy visit 
  2. School of Theater, Television and Film: The major motive of this School of Theater, Television and Film (TTF) is to help students to realize their creative potential artists, scholars, leaders, and global citizens. School of TTF provides high quality education for undergraduate and graduate students that emphasize excellence in the arts and technology. For more details visit 
  3. School of film and Animation: This School of Film and Animation (SOFA) have been preparing producers, directors, writers, network/religion television, non-broadcast industries and independent film. Students of SOFA are buoyant to develop their own personal vision independent work with skills needed to fulfill any creative or technical role. For further details visit
  4. Ohio University Film: Ohio University offers a three-year MFA graduate degree in Film Production and two-year MA graduate degree in Film Studies. Also a BFA degree is offered to extraordinary undergraduate students with the Honors Tutorial College. University offers various programs to students with a unique environment to grow and develop in their field of study. For more info visit to meet the faculty and explore the facilities.
  5. School of Motion Pictures and Television: The School of Motion Pictures and television explore creativity, imagination and independency as an art with an importance on the practical aspects of filmmaking as a business. Film making courses offered by this school include cinematography, directing, producing, editing, screenwriting and many more. You can visit  for further details.
  6. American Film Institute Conservatory: American Film Institute Conservatory with a dedicated group of working professionals from the film and television communities serves as mentors in a practical, production based environment, encouraging the talents of future storytellers. For more info visit
  7. Film and Media Arts Studies: Film and Media Arts Studies, a faculty of American University offers various courses like MFA in Film & Electronic Media, MA in Film & Video, MA in Producing for film & Video, BA in Film & Media Arts, BA in Foreign Language & Communication Media, BA/MA Film & Video and many more. For detail info you can visit
  8. Berkeley Digital Film Institute: The Berkeley Digital Film Institute run various programs to achieve goals for its students to transit them into the “real world” of national and international filmmaking. As this institute is relatively new although the results obtained by the current and former students are truly exceptional. For further details visit
  9. Los Angeles Film School: The Los Angeles Film School features soundstages, media labs, THX-certified Theater, green screen & many more. This film school runs various programs like film, game production, computer animation, film, music production, entertainment business. The curriculums explored by the school are Film Theory, Screen Writing, and Sound in Film, Production Design, Art Direction, and Cinematography Direction. For detail info visit
  10. School of Digital Motion Picture Production: The School of Digital Motion Picture Production at Prince of Prestige offers multiple courses that help the student to learn the filmmaking from home as this is online film school. Interested one can apply anytime by visiting this site

These are few names of the “Movies Making School” of United States of America and considered as the most attractive film schools in U.S.A.