Quick Facts Tyler1

  • NameTyler1
  • Birth NameTyler Steinkamp
  • Birth Year1995
  • Birth month03
  • NationalityAmerican
  • Birth PlaceUnited State America
  • ProfessionAmerican professional video game player and streamer
  • Siblings Eric
  • GirlfriendMacaiyla

Tyler1 aka Loltyler1 is an American professional video game player and streamer. He is widely known for playing and streaming League of Legends.

Tyler1 is not married yet but he is currently dating his girlfriend named Macaiyla. In 2014 season, he was ranked14th on the North American League of Legends ladder. But in 2016 Tyler1 was banned from League of Legends due to toxic behaviour. 

Tyler1 Early life and Education

Tyler1 was born as Tyler Steinkamp on 6th March 1995, in the United States. He belongs to an American nationality. However, he hasn’t revealed any information about his parents. He grew up along with his younger brother Eric who is also a gamer. Tyler1 attended Central Methodist University where he studied computer science.

CAPTION:Tyler1 and his mother

But he withdrew his university in order to focus on his streaming career. During his university days, Tyler1 played for the university’s football team as a running back. 

Tyler1 Career

Tyler1 aka Loltyler1 is one of the popular League of Legends game player. In 2014, he was ranked 14th on the North American League of Legends ladder. But due to his toxic behaviour, he was banned was banned by LOL community. Around 15 of his accounts were banned because of his abusive behaviour.

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He was even nicknamed as ‘Most Toxic Player in North America’ by online streamers and gaming community. Likewise, Tyler1 began his YouTube career in 2014 and was able to gain a huge number of subscribers within a short period of time. However, on 8th January 2018, he was unbanned from League of Legends. 

Is Tyler1 Married or Dating Someone?

So far, Tyler 1 is not married but he is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend named Macaiyla. His girlfriend is also a gamer as well as an Instagram model. The couple began dating back in November 2016 and are still going strong in their relationship.

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CAPTION:Tyler1 and his girlfriend Macaiyla

Tyler1 and his girlfriend both of them share photos of each other on their respective Instagram accounts. Moreover, they also discuss their love life on live streams and further appears together during live streaming. 

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The lovebirds are happily enjoying their love life and there are no any signs as well as rumors of a separation. As the duo is dating neither Tyler1 nor Macaiyla has mentioned any plans of getting engaged or married. Besides this, Tyler1 hasn’t dated any other girls in past. 

Tyler1 Age and Height

Aged 23, the professional gamer, Tyler1 stands the height of 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 185 lbs. Likewise, he regularly does physical exercise and has maintained a good physique. 

Tyler1 Net worth

As of 2018, Tyler1 has an estimated net worth of around $500 thousand. He earns a fortunate amount of money from his gaming and streaming career. Moreover, he also earns money from YouTube where he shares his gaming videos. 

According to the source, Tyler1 earns around $1.5K to $24.4K per month and $18,300 to $293,200 annually from YouTube.