Most of the actors usually have a total net worth and earnings of more than a million. And, if one is an actor, singer and a producer, how much will their earnings be? Have you ever wondered? Let’s talk about Rebecca King-Crews today.


Rebecca King-Crews is an actor, a singer and a producer. Then what do you think she is worth? What about her earnings? The actress is married to actor Terry Crews. So altogether what does she have, as her wealth? Let’s discuss her net worth and achievements if she has won any.

Rebecca King-Crews’ Net Worth and Salary

The actress Rebecca King-Crews and her husband, Terry Crews has a total estimated net worth of $9 million. With her husband as an actor and a former American Football player, Rebecca King-Crews has found all of her husband’s support in her career.

[ CAPTION: Terry and Rebecca King-Crews Wedding ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The singer has sung the song, Breathless, which has a total of $0.99 in Amazon and other such music stores. Her another song, Can I stay, also has the same price of $0.99 in the store.

The actress also has a Pitbull in her house. The price of the dog ranges from $300-$1500 for the small puppies and $2k-15k for the trained dogs. 

[ CAPTION: Rebecca’s Dog ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Rebecca King-Crews’ Career Achievements?

With Terry’s acting career started in 1999, Rebecca had to stay at home with their daughters. However, the actress quickly jumped to fame with some of her appearances in the TV series. The actress has been seen in several TV series as herself.

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Rebecca’s most famous work is her own show The Family Crews which premiered on BET on 21st February 2010. The actress is also a much-sought speaker. She is seen to give lectures about the Christian faith.

Her family life has turned her into a role model for every woman around. She has delivered some inspirational speeches in the Well Done Awards, Heart and Soul Awards and several other events and shows.

All in all, the life of Rebecca King-Crews has seen several ups and downs. However, even after being a housewife for a long time, she came up really hard and hit the bull’s eye. She is now reaching new heights by day. Please write to us about what you think of Rebecca?