God particle

God particle is known as the Higgs boson. The name of Higgs boson is name after the Peter Higgs. He was one of the six physicists who proposed the mechanism suggesting the existence of the particle. It is the subatomic particle of Higgs boson.

god particleAccording to Layman different subatomic particles are responsible for giving different properties. It’s one of the most important and mysterious property is “mass”. The God particle is believed to be the particle that gives “mass” to the matter. The name of Higgs boson as God particle had been derived out of the long struggles of physicists to find the elusive piece of the cosmic puzzle. The presence of the Higgs field is very hard to find. It can only be find through its excitation. According to Standard Model Higgs particle a boson which has no electric charge or color charge and spin which are its two most important properties.The Higgs search has led to the construction of worlds most expensive complexing facilities at CERN “The Large Hadron Collider” which is able to create particles like Higgs and other elementary particles for study and research.

Higgs terms

Symmetries and forces: In the Standard Model of particle physics symmetries is known as the fundamental forces of nature which arise from laws of nature. These are transmitted by particles which are known as gauge bosons. Gauge bosons have quite a recognizable mass and are short ranging due to which their masses creates structures like atoms and stars very possible although there is no theory to prove this evidence.

Higgs mechanism: In early 1960 physicists came to know that a given symmetry law may not be always followed under certain conditions. The Higgs model explains the gauge boson and shows that the symmetry would not be possible if any unusual kind of field suddenly appears in the universe making the boson very much difficult to exist with such low mass.

Higgs Field: Higgs field exists all over the space and sometimes breaks the symmetry laws of electroweak interactions. This fields existence causes or triggers the HIgg’s Mechanism and that makes a bit more clearer approach for their weak force and also explains their very short range.Also the scientists tried to explain why other fundamental elements of matter consists of mass.

Higgs Boson and Modern Physics

We know particle physics explains the components, forces, reactions and studies about the basic particle that build up a matter. Rather than dealing with only atoms and their components it also deals with the pieces which compose the subatomic particles. This model still has some major gaps, experimental contradictions including issues over gravity. The standard model is still the better method of understanding particle physics and also it does continue to improve it. The model also assumes that there are some certain elementary particles which are even much smaller than protons and neutrons. Till the date the model had predicted that “Higgs boson” is the only which has not been experimentally verified.

Properties of the Higgs

The Higgs consists of four components viz two neutral ones and two charged components and are collectively called Goldstone bosons. The higgs boson has no spin since it is a scalar field.It also has its own antiparticle and is said to have zero electric and colour charge.

Its mass cannot be predicted by the Minimal Standard Model that has been proposed. However it is presumed that if the mass is between 115 and 180 GeV/c2, the standard model can be valid at upto Placnk scale energy levels(19 GeV). Some of the physicist also believe that a new TeV scale will have to be found according to some of the unsatisfactory properties of the Standard Model. Although, there has been set a limit of 1.4 TeV which is supposed to be a highest possible mass-scale for The Higgs since after that it becomes quite difficult for the scattering process.

Some Analogies

A number of explanations and summarizations regarding the Higgs and how does the field create a mass, have been made upto now by different related and unrelated people. The High school teachers at CERN and some physicists suggest that it must be like the white light splitting and it is the cause for its breaking and mass causing effect.

Symmetry breaking in particle physics

In some theories, gauge bosons and some other fundamental particles are all supposed to be massless and are symmetrical but due to the Higgs field the symmetry is broken and this results in every scattered particles having diferrent masses , at most be unique for each particle.

Matt Strassler- Electric field analogy

Particles not all reach the Higgs Field and the particles which have mass generally feel the Higgs field which seems to be quite alike in an electric field-charged particles and neutral objects get pulled and sail in the field.

“Real world” impact – Stephen Hawking

The Stephen Hawling in his book Starmus had given some of the hints regarding the Higgs and its effect or impact on Earth as a whole. He gave us an information that the Higgs has a potential of becoming metastable at energy level above 100bn GeV and this could mean that the universe might undergo catastrophic vacuum decay, with a bubble of true vacuum which will be expanding at the speed of light. He also has said that this could happen at anytime and we could never see it coming. He however gave us the details of it and clarified it by saying that the only way to accelerate the particles above 100bn GeV was with a particle accelerator which must be larger than that the size of our planet “The Earth”.

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