Amy Lee Grant is one best Contemporary Christian Music performers in the music industry can ever get. After her divorce with first husband Gary Chapman, she married a country singer and the marriage is working like a charm till date.


After being married for about 18 years to her lover Gary Chapman, Amy filed for divorce back in 1999. The differences between the singers resulted in a rocky relationship between both of them with passing time.

In spite of having three children together, they couldn’t save their relationship. After divorcing Chapman, she married country singer Vince Gill and is living a happy married life to date.

Grant’s first divorce followed by the second Marriage

Amy and Chapman filed for divorce in 1999 and got separated in the same year. After a few months, Amy married rumored boyfriend Vince Gill in 2000. The couple met for the first time in 1993 when they both were married.

Vince was also married to a fellow country singer Janis Oliver. It is said that his growing friendship with Amy resulted in the divorce of the Gills.

“The connection there, that was kind of rare,” Gill told Larry King when asked about their first encounter in a show in 2003. They ended up doing many Christmas collaborations together before being married.

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Blending two families was somewhat of a challenge to the newlyweds. Back in 2000 when they got married Gill had a teen daughter, then 17 and Grant had three children aged from 12 to 9.

They struggled together and created a supportive environment while merging both families. After they gave birth to their first child in 2001 they felt more connected to each other directly.

Grant and Gill: Much in love with the second Charm

Reportedly, Amy lee grant is lovestruck with her second husband Vince Gill. They have been married for almost 17 years now and still possess the same love in their relationship. Vince Gill who is a country singer and songwriter has shared a stage with Amy numerous times.

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Their daughter, Corrina is the glue that held their relationship like a strong glue. Even now, when the couple faces certain troubles they always refer to that miserable phase in life and let it go. After all, they overcame two broken families and small spats are no reason for them to question their decision of being together.

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Going strong for more than 17 years now, Grant and Gill have set a milestone in their relationship. From their struggle for being together until their management of the time for themselves, every memory makes them laugh together. Making jokes about each other, the couple has grown a beautiful relationship.

YouTube: Amy Grant and Vince Gill share a stage

The happy couple has certain ground rules that led them to their happily married life. From giving their partners space to giving support in need, fixing problems together to letting go of the unnecessary arguments (keeping your ego in your pocket), each little rule has resulted in their happiness.

Respect and Kindness led their relationship to such a beautiful path. Grant is happy and most of all is so much in love with her second husband Vince Gill.