American Television host and Comedian Seth Meyers and his wife welcomed their first child in March 2016. After a year now, they are yet again ready to welcome their second child.


Seth Meyers is a host for his famous talk show Late night since 2014 after Jimmy Fallon started hosting The Tonight show.  The comedian who married his girlfriend of five years, Alexi Ashe in July 2013 is all set to expand his family.

Seth’s wife Alex is a human rights lawyer and they both have a baby boy together named Ashe Olson Meyers.

Seth Meyers love Life and marriage

The famous host and the secretive lawyer met at Chris Kattan’s wedding and their love story started off instantly. They blended so well from their first meeting. Ashe’s sister also worked in the design department of the show, Saturday Night Live.

The people who knew them since they started dating back in 2011 said that marriage was inevitable for the couple. They had a solid relationship that was solely dependent upon love and trust. In spite of dating a popular TV personality as her beau Ashe always was a low profile.

Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe getting married in 2013.

Ashe is secretive and is not as exposed to social media as her husband from the time they started dating. The couple was always seen together at various events. Their love was on the peak when they finally decided to get hitched in 2013. From marriage to their first child, everything in their relationship was smooth.

The happy couple was all lovey-dovey as they kept on posting photos on Instagram. We can see the couple on showering love to each other even now on various occasions.

From the birth of Olson to the announcement of a new member of the family

After being married for about three years, Meyers and Ashe finally decide to start a family. The couple welcomed their eldest son Olson in 2016. Ashe keeps on posting their sons pictures in her Instagram accounts and the couple look happy with their newborn.

Moreover, Olson is always seen loved by his parents on various social media sites. The relationship of the couple bonded even stronger with their first child. Now, when Meyers announced the news of his second child their family seems complete and contended. Meyers parents and siblings were filled with joy as the announcement was done on his show.

Since their son is already over a year old, the couple is set to welcome one newer member into their family. Seth seems excited about the news as he happily did the big announcement in the Thanksgiving episode of The Late Night’ show.

Seth Announces about the new member :

Welcoming a new child, Meyers is rumored to have desired for a brother for his eldest son. Even if the sex of the baby is not known yet, the 43-year-old comedian wants a little boy to gift his eldest son Olson.

The announcement of pregnancy was done on the set of the show although the exact date of birth was not disclosed.