The famous NFL Network’s correspondent, Jaime Maggie is already in her early thirties and we do not know whether she is in a romantic relationship or not. All of her viewers and fans definitely want to know whether she is alone or dating. Well, you also might be one of them who wanted to know about this gorgeous woman’s love life.


As we have already mentioned, today’s topic is the relationship status of the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, Jaime Maggio. Scroll down to know more about her relationship.

Who is Jaime Maggio Dating Currently?

Talking about the relationship of Jaime Maggio, she is currently dating marketing director of the Sony Picture, David Pasternak. They have been in a relationship since May 2016. A bad news for her fans, eh?

[ CAPTION: Jamie Maggio and her spouse, David Pasternak ][ SOURCE: ]

As she has a low-profile strategy when it comes to revealing the information regarding her personal life. The details about their first meeting and how they fell in love are still unknown. However, it was assumed that the director met Maggio while hosting sports show for the TWC Sportsnet.

  Jaime with her boyfrined

Although they have not shared much information about their relationship, Jaime has shared an amazing photo of them being together on social media platforms. The cute couple seems to be really happy with one another and have a good bonding with each other.

Is Jaime Maggio relationship going great?

In spite of Jaime’s struggling career, their relationship is going well. The couple seems to be very understanding. The couple doesn’t prefer to talk much about their relationship with media so the news of their romantic relationship is still a curious thing to all.

Also, they haven’t involved so much in any kind of controversies and it is hard task-find them dating other partners. Also, there are no any rumors of them breaking up till the date.

 Jaime Maggio and David Pasternak

To sum up, even if, the couple does not speak much about their relationship status, it sure seems that the couple is dating. With all of the Instagram posts as the proof of their relationship, we can say that the couple is living such a happy life together. With not even a single rumor and controversy to talk about, Jaime Maggio and David Pasternak can be called as a perfect couple.