People generally retire after the age of 60 but if you see Khandi Alexander, you would get surprised by how hot and gorgeous the 60-year-old actress looks. 

While names of each and every movie she appeared can be found listed everywhere, its a mystery how the CSI: Miami actress, Alexander has managed to keep her personal life under the radar for so many years. Here are some details.

Khandi Alexander is a Low Key Actress

It’s really surprising that there are barely any facts regarding the topics like Khandi Alander’s dating life or married life in that case. There were rumors that she is not married.

Alexander is a successful actress and choreographer. She even worked as Whitney Houston’s choreographer for her world tour in 1988.  Moreover, CSI’s Dr. Alexx Woods has been nominated for her roles in several series like The Corner and NewsRadio, to mention.

Not only was she nominated, but Alexander actually won Award for NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress for Scandal series. She is also currently engaged in series, Scandal and Instinct.

Apart from series, the gorgeous actress has also worked in several dozens of movies, some of which she received appraisal for. 

Besides her career, the Thick as Thieves actress has not dropped any hints about her personal life. But Alexander was once spotted leaving a restaurant with an unknown man.

People even talk that she is unmarried because she is a lesbian. Even if that is true then there has not been any mentions of her boyfriend or girlfriend in that case.

Why would she not want to disclose her personal life? What is she hiding? But here are some surprising facts about her family.

Alexander who also played as an older sister of Queen Latifah’s in the movie, Bessie had a surprising revelation about her father’s family.

On ‘Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.’ show, it was found that she came from a family who owned slaves in the past, a white slave owner to be exact. She told,

– there was a name that we always heard, and Skip found out the name wasn’t real, and it didn’t exist. And so on the white side, we found out that it was Harrison. And he traced it back to England. To George Harrison. So all of a sudden, I thought, ‘Where is my Porsche? I want a Porsche.’

Okay, that’s kind of surprising but who knows if that is really true or not depends on you? 

Khandi Alexander, although has made fortune from her acting career and as a choreographer, it’s still unknown with whom she spends it with.