Deepika Padukone recently played a lead role in the epic movie Bajirao Mastani which earned her praises and a nomination in the Filmfare awards. She with her co-actors Ranveer Singh and Sahid Kapoor is set to play in another Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s epic Padmavati.


Padmavati is a movie based on a 13’th century legendary Rajput queen Padmavati. The beautiful and fierce queen was married to Maharawal Ratan Singh. It is said that her beauty attracted the powerful Khilji dynasty ruler Alauddin Khiji. The dispute between the Sultan and the Rajput ruler is the base for the movie Padmavati.

Announced to be released on 1st December 2017, initially, Padmavati raised many controversies in the Rajput dominant districts in India. Due to all the controversies and protests, the release date of the movie is postponed for now.

Deepika and Ranveer: From lovers of Ram Leela to Opposites in Padmavati

As seen on Bhansali’s Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani as a couple before, Ranveer and Deepika have a marvelous chemistry on-screen. According to media rumors, the couple is also allegedly dating.

But in the movie, Ranveer plays a negative role as Allaudin Khijli. Sources say that he reached serious heights to play the role of the merciless Sultan.

YOUTUBE: Padmavati trailer 

The movie is shot in a historical background and is based on true events. Although the narration of the movie differs in various aspects, the movie revolves around Queen Padmavati.

A glimpse of padmavati:Deepika posts on instagram;


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It is also said that he had to see a psychiatrist after the shoot was over. We can hope no less from the talented actor as his character was obviously too evil and his acting skills are intense as well.

A glimpse of Bajirao Mastani: Deepika posts on Instagram;

The limelight is mostly captured by Deepika and Ranveer whereas Sahid also looks promising in the lead role. As Deepika Padukone stands 10’th in the highest paid actress of Bollywood, she gets more money than her beau Ranveer and other actors in the movie.

[ CAPTION: Deepika and Ranveer ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Deepika is paid about fat 11-crore for the epic whereas Ranveer got around 7-8 crore excluding taxes. The 36-year-old actor, Sahid Kapoor is also excited about acting alongside Ranveer and Deepika. Other than the lead actors, Aditi Rao Hydari is also seen as a supporting actress for the movie.

Swirling Controversies with raged Rajput Society

Rajputs are very peculiar about their history and identity. Previously, the filmmakers of Jodha Akbar also faced protests and controversies for the movie.

This time, the Rajput community is blaming the film makes an assumption that they have shown unreal intimacy between their legendary queen and Sultan Khilji. The protestors also issued bounty offers for beheading the actors and director.

YOUTUBE: Massive protests against the movie

India has such protests every now and then. In spite of the rule that gives the right to narrate any historical movie, the protestors are doing insane protests all over. Moreover, after the movie was permitted to be released in the UK, the Rajput community of UK has gone nuts.

The trailer of the movie looks good but the protestors are making the release of the movie difficult. The release of the movie is already banned in four states of India. Many filmmakers and directors are supporting the movie and the unbiased audience is waiting for the release of Padmavati.