Quick facts about Troy Aikman Biography
First Name Troy
Last Name Aikman
Date of birth August 16, 1970
Profession Television Personality, American Footballer, Sportscaster
Height 6.4
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian

Troy Aikman Biography

Troy Kenneth is a former professional NFL quarterback for Dallas Cowboys born on November 21, 1966, as Tony Kenneth Aikman in California. He is currently a sportscaster for Fox Network and part-owner of San Diego Padres. He played for Dallas Cowboys as quarterback for 12 seasons continuously.


Kenneth declined the offer to play baseball and joined the University of Oklahoma. He was trained by Coach Barry Switzer in 1984 and he was transferred to UCLA Bruins in 1986 under Terry Donahue. He showed his skills in both junior and senior year. He was named Pac-10 Offensive player of the year in junior season and earned O’Brien Award as senior in 1988. He succeeds to give record victory to UCLA and gained his name on College Football Hall of Fame.

Aikman’s professional career started in 1989 with Dallas Cowboys with the 28-0 loss to New Orleans Saints. He set NFL rookie record by throwing 379 yards against the game with Arizona Cardinals. In 1990, season Aikman was injured in his game against Philadelphia eagles and missed the game against Atlanta Falcons.

Kenneth lead the first 10 games in 1991 to 6-4 record until he was injured and was replaced by Steve Beuerlein winning the #5 playoff seed. This season also didn’t go well for Kenneth but he was selected to six consecutive Pro Bowls.


The year 1992 was great for Kenneth setting his career high in passing yards (3,445), completions (302) and touchdown passes (23). It was also a great year for Dallas setting the second best record in NFC and record best of NFC in 1993. In 1997, he was honored as Super Bowl MVP of the year and set his name on Pro Football Hall of Fame in Oklahoma.

Kenneth was again under the coaching of Barry Switzer in 1994 after Jimmy Johnson left the team. Dallas Cowboys, under the coach Barry Switzer led by Kenneth, won Super Bowl XXX against Pittsburgh Steelers in 1995 27-17. The year 1997 was the first losing season of Kenneth’s career but in 1998 Troy helped Cowboys for playoffs but lost the wildcard games against Arizona Cardinals.

The year 1999 became the final season that Kenneth, Irvin, and Smith played together where Cowboys loss Wild Card Playoff game and season 2000 was his final season. This was the last season he played as a professional football player.


Kenneth suffered the total 10 concussion in his NFL career but he claims that it was not the concussion but the back pain which was the main reason for his retirement. He also had back surgery after Super Bowl XXVII.

His height is 6 ft. 4 in and most successful quarterback in NFL history receiving about 20,000 emails from his fans. He is married to Rhonda Whitney from (2000-2011). To know more about him you can follow him on his twitter. You can highlighted games on YouTube and his interviews. His photos are easily available on the internet. He is also the author of Kids Book “Things Change”.

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