Marriage it is the most beautiful relationship that a couple share together. It is the bond that a male and a female shares whole life. The main key to success of the marriage is trust, understanding and respect for each other. If one can understand his/her spouse and respect then the marriage will last long. But if a couple cannot trust in each other then there is probable chance of them getting separate. So it is must to have faith in your spouse and the responsibility to be loyal to your spouse. Here are some of the signs to alert you that weather your spouse is cheating on you or not.

  • Gut feeling: If your spouse will stop seeking advice from you then there might be some problem. If you will have sense that there is something wrong with the behavior of your spouse then always listen to your gut feeling. Almost 90% of the time your gut feeling will be right and never ever ignore the feeling. By listening to your feeling you might be safe from the coming problem.
  • Guarding the personal gadgets: It is most probable that if your spouse is cheating on you then he/she will protect their personal gadgets like cell phone or laptop etc. The reason behind protecting the personal gadget is that they contain information, pictures, text in cell phone etc. If your spouse starts to take his/her cell phone wherever s/he goes like bathroom, while showering etc. then you must have to be careful about your spouse’s behavior
  • Social media: If your spouse spends much time in social sites than regular then be careful about it and know that that they are talking for so long. Always ask or go there when your spouse is use social media and try to ask and know why they are spending so much time in social media.
  • Avoid sex: It is simple that when your spouse avoids having sex with you then he might have some affair outside or behind you. Because marriage is the only relation where two opposite sex enjoys having sex freely without having any tension. Your spouse might be enjoying physical relationship with his/her gf/bf. They might not straightly deny for having sex rather they will make other plans like watching movie or give some reason that they are tired or are in tension. So always watch if they are doing so intentionally or they are having really problem.
  • Password protecting everything: In today’s world it is very genuine to have password in gadgets for protection but.. but there might be some other reason that yours spouse is protecting their gadgets. They might be hiding something that they do not want you to known about it. The problem can be much serious if your spouse will straightly deny giving you the password.
  • Your spouse might suddenly start fighting: If your spouse is having affair outside then they will start fighting with you even in a small thing or even if there is no any reason for fighting. Your spouse might tell some very hurting comment to you which s/he has not even said yet in jokes too. They start picking faults out of you.

  • Driving alone: Your spouse wants to drive alone. They might have some excused that they are going with their friends or to their friend’s place and do not want you to bore by taking you to their friend’s place or some similar kind of reason.

  • Starts being nervous: Due to the guilt feeling of having affair outside home they might be nervous all the time when they are around you or when you try to talk to your spouse. They might feel very hard to keep so big secret from you because of which they might feel nervous. Because of nervousness they might suffer from insomnia and disinterest in eating food.
  • Asking irrelevant question: If suddenly your spouse starts to ask irrelevant questions like if it is possible to love more than one person at a time or something like that then there might be some serious problems.
  • Working for extra time: If there is no scarcity of money or your rich enough to live happily and then suddenly your spouse starts to working for extra time in office then they might be having affair outside. Your spouse might stop you calling from working place or will ask you to stop calling while they are at working place.

So these are the some of the signs that your spouse might be cheating on you. Which of the signs are you facing? Always be careful and watch your spouse and his/her changing behavior. Most importantly always listen to your gut feeling and try to confirm what your gut feeling is saying, you will be safe.