Quick Facts Alisha Marie

Hot and attractive Alisha Marie is a renowned YouTube personality, who is the owner of one of the most popular YouTube channel “Macbby11”.  Young, creative and talented YouTuber has gained worldwide fame through her videos and is looked up to by millions of people for the amazing sense of fashion she has.


Aged 22, Alisha Marie was born on 5 of April of 1993 in Riverside, California. Alisha has kept most of her information away from the sight of public. She has never revealed any information about her family. But, her elder sister Ashley was once featured in one of her videos in 2014. Alisha has also not revealed any information about her education background. Neither has she ever talked about her love life. Whether the YouTuber is single or dating someone secretly is still a thing to be revealed.

Raised in her home country, Alisha was an ordinary girl before she rose to fame through YouTube. She became a part of the YouTube world on 18 April 2008 and uploaded her first video almost after three years from the date. The first ever video that Ashley uploaded on YouTube was Cute & Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Room! The video has over 338K views. Following her first video, Room Tour!!!!!School Supplies Haul, Back to School Fashion Haul ♥, School Supplies Haul ♥, DIY Studded Phone Case, DIY Tumblr Galaxy Cross Shirt, Morning Routine for School | Back to School, Spring Fashion ?, DIY Crop Top, were some of her earliest videos on YouTube. Alisha has uploaded numerous videos related to school. Besides, she has also uploaded videos related to her daily routines, fashion ideas, healthy diet, makeup tutorials, room décor and various DIYs. Morning Routine for Summer ?, Workout / Fitness Routine + Essentials, Bedtime Routine for Summer ? Get Ready With Me, Healthy Snacks for After School ? Quick and Easy, Healthy Dessert Ideas ? Quick and Easy, etc. are some of such videos.

Ashley has uploaded over 1600+ videos till date and all of these videos have thousands of views. Many of her videos have even got millions of views. Get a Summer Bikini Body ? Quick Tips, Healthy Breakfast Ideas for School ? Quick and Easy, Summer Road Trip Essentials ? DIY Snacks, Playlist, and Tumblr Outfits, Fitness Motivation to Workout / Lose Weight Fast ? DIY, Tips, and More!, My Morning Routine ? Summer Edition, My Night Routine ? Summer Edition, Summer Pool Party ? Makeup + Hair, DIY Snacks, and Outfit Ideas!, DIY Fall Snacks + Party Treats ? Quick and Easy!!, etc. are some of her videos to get over 1million views. Similarly, Back to School: Locker Organization + DIY Decorations ? Tumblr Inspired, Back to School ? What’s in My Backpack + DIY Tumblr Backpack, Back to School ? Study Tips + DIY Organization / School Supplies, etc. are some videos to get over 2million views. In the same way, her video Morning Routine for School ? has got over 3 million views while DIY Summer Life Hacks Everyone Must Know!!! is the most viewed video, having 4,406,514 views.

Alisha Marie is so popular on YouTube that she has 2,640,765 subscribers and all of her videos have received altogether 124, 801,374 views. Also, she is an active user of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.