Amy Kellogg is an American journalist and news reporter, who is well known for reporting the Fox News Channel. Additionally, she has worked at WNEP-TV, WBRE-TV, and WSYT-TV. She loves nature and her Twitter is filled with the columns of beautiful scenario. She is enjoying her single life very much.

Amy Kellogg Early Life & Education

Amy Kellogg was born in the United States of America. Kellogg went to attend Brown University and gained B.A. degree from there. Then, she received her M.A. degree from Stanford University in Russian, Spanish and French. Before proceeding to journalism trade, she perfectly tried things with teaching and studying Spanish in Argentina before moving into the new business.

Amy Kellogg Career

Amy Kellogg began her career as a reporter for WSYT- TV in Syracuse, WBRE- TV in Wilkes-Barre and WNEP- TV in Scranton, PA. Later, she served as a reporter at Fox News Channel in 1999 which is based in Moscow.

Meanwhile, Amy Kellogg also works herself as one of the original members of the Fox News. Interview with President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, reporting news on chemical weapons of Saddam Hussein, and various news from the Middle East are some of her extraordinary tenure of her work in FNC.

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Moreover, Amy Kellogg reported the 2012 London Olympics, the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Russian and Iranian elections and 2011 Amanda Knox appeal trial.

She has visited various cities while reporting the stories. She had also covered the conflict in Crimea and Kiev live from Ukraine in 2014. Amy recorded live from France to record the severe terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015.

In 2016, Amy reported about the post-earthquake situation in Italy for Fox News. She went to the quake-affected regions and checked the situation of the buildings and solicited the public.

Amy Kellogg on FOX News Studio
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Amy shared during her reporting that the condition of people in the areas is miserable as the aftershocks haven’t stopped and many are still expecting to see their lost relatives alive.

Amy Kellogg Personal Life

Kellogg likes nature and her twitter account has wonderful scenarios. She has been attracting a lot of audiences attention and whenever an audience sees a confident and attractive face on media, they point to become curious about her love life.

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However, sometimes audience finds such people being too busy to share about their personal life. At the current time, she is single and concentrated on her career.

It’s pretty exciting that Amy Kellogg has balanced her work and her personal life very smartly. In fact, it is her choice whether to share or not about her life but as there so many bodies who want to know about her current relationship status.

Well her current relationship status is single and she is much concerned and interested in her career. There are no relationships or affairs related to her personal life. There are no rumors of her marriage till date.

Amy Kellogg Net worth

An extraordinary journalist, Amy Kellogg has dedicated nearly two decades to the journalistic area. She has been serving for Fox News from past eighteen years and has visited various parts of the world for covering stories.

The channel evidently receives a notable salary for her endeavors in the channel. Although Amy hasn’t revealed in clear amounts, we assume she enjoys a tremendous net worth in thousands.