Andrew Paul “Andy” Wachowski an American producer, director, and screenwriter were born on December 29, 1967, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, to parents Lynne and Ron Wachowski. He was raised with his older sister Lana Wachowski, later they started to work together on every project and were called the Wachowskis, professionally. Lana and Andy had done their schooling at Kellogg Elementary School in Chicago and done their graduation from Whitney Young High School. They were fond of playing Dungeons and Dragons and working in the school’s theater and TV program. Then they departed and went to different schools for further studies, Lana went to Bard College of New York and Andy went to Emerson College situated in Boston. Before graduation, both dropped their studies and started to run a house-painting and construction business in Chicago, at the same time they were writing for Marvel Comics series called: Ectokid.

Andy with his sister started to work together as The Wachowski and wrote a script for action flick Assassins (1995). With their pleasing act they were then given directing and screenwriting for women-centered flick called Bound (1996). The siblings ended up directing and co-writing a blockbuster movie The Matrix (1999) and its two sequels Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. They enjoyed huge success of the movies. For their next project the Wachowskis return to their comic word, producing and writing film adaptation of the Alan Moore graphic novel V for Vendetta (2006). In 2008 they directed and co-wrote a 1990s animated series Speed Racer. And in 2009 they worked as a producer for Ninja Assassin. They co-directed the movie Cloud Atlas which was the adaptation of David Mitchell novel Cloud Atlas. In 2015 they release a si-fi movie called Jupiter Ascending, which is said to be based on an original science-fiction adventure screenplay; the movie was not well accepted by critics.

Andy and Lana both considered themselves as a gamer and love to play games. Andy Wachowski has been happily married to Alisa Blasingame in 1991. Andy is very active in facebook and using it to share news and experiences to the family and the fans. He has been using twitter also. He had more than 1000 followers on twitter and tweet more than 400 thousand on different social issues and movies related issues. Andy Wachowski as a director and producer had earned name and frame, having a net-worth of US$125 million, which he had earned through directing, producing and writing great movies and novels. He had also step his foot on video games also as a director and the writer. Andy had spend his long life in film industries, throughout his long career in this industry he has been nominated for numerous awards and in the year 2000 he was awarded with the Saturn Award for the movie “The Matrix” for the best director. In addition to the film director and producer, Andy Wachowski has been helping to write and produce The Matrix video game which they have launced after the huge success of the same name movie, and several popular comics books.

He had purchased the 3-bed, 4-bath, 3,265 sq ft home for $1,212,500 in November of 2000 in Los Angeles, California, USA.