Ashley Morrison Short Bio

Ashley Morrison is an American anchor and journalist. She is best known as a News Lady in the Newscasting world. She is one of the versatile anchors in the television news network. She has worked in many popular news networks in United Stated of America like CNN, ABC, CBS News, and others. In her career, she has taken many interviews of the famous people and representatives of United States. She has also done coverage of much important news. She interviewed former basketball player Earvin “The Magic” Johnson, about the incidence like Chandra Levy disappearance and much more. She had the passion for making the report and collecting information from the people.

Early life and career

Morrison was born in Washington, United States of America. She is the youngest member of her family.  Her father was an intelligence officer for the then current Government. She went to Montgomery Blair High School, which is situated in Silver Spring, Maryland. She had an interest in journalism since childhood, and she aimed to become a journalist. Later in 1969, she completed her journalism from the University of Maryland. She was a brilliant student and since journalism was her favorite subject she studied very hard for the achievement of the degree. She was one of the hard working and talented student in the University. Her teachers and professors helped her very much in her study. She is quite successful in anchoring in the television news network.

Morrison has had many ups and downs in her career. Once she even got fired from her job after doing a controversial interview about a national issue in 1995. After that, she has worked in many other television news networks like ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and NBC. She took many interviews of the high profile and dignitary people of the country. Despite getting into controversies, Morrison has proved herself as one of the best and capable interviewee. Her seniors and co- workers are very much impressed by her hard working behavior. Wherever she has worked, she has left the good impression among the people.

Personal life and physical appearance

Morrison is a married woman. She has been married to Rob Morrison, who is also an anchor. The couple dated each other for few years and later decided to get married. The couple now has a son who is adopted. Morrison got pregnant when she was 44 years old but unfortunately she was not able to conceive the baby. It was one of the biggest tragic moment for both of them. Even though their son is adopted, they love is him very much, and it has been known that he is now studying at the Riverdale Country School.

She has sexy, long legs with attractive figure and height. Her body measurement is not confirmed yet, but we can see that she looks beautiful in every outfit she wears. We can see her pictures on many websites and in her social networking sites too. She uses social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in which she frequently keeps on uploading her new pictures and recent activities. Being one of the hottest and top news anchor, she has been able to make net worth in millions but has not been revealed yet.