Quick Facts Betty Davis

Betty Davis is a well-known American meteorologist who have a great name in American Television industry.She have a charming and a pleasant personality with amazing skills as a meteorologist have a long running career.She is the well known name as a host in The Weather Channel.She now currently works in WPLG-Channel as a meteorologist.She have a very charming personality that her onscreen presence have no chance of stopping down.


Betty was born to an Afro-American couple in Preston,Georgia.She was a native of Preston being her nationality as of America.She was educatd in Spellman College which was located in Atlanta.She have a very keen intrest in travelling and exploring the world which lead her to get an opportunity of facing the changing weather conditions of United States (US).This was step where her career was started.When she was in high school,she moved to different neighbouring cities.She then was graduated from Spellman College,Atlanta in B.A with English major.She also holds a degree of B.S in Geosciences from Mississippi University.From there she got the certificate of Meterological Broadcasting Certification.

With a great personality as an Afro-American girl,she have a great out-spoken communicating skills and also have a great talet in weather forecasting.Her body complexion was good too.She have a long black coloured hair with dark eyes and a very beautiful facial stretches which used to dazzled the audiences who used to look at her more than the weather conditions.She in the begining had the problem and a tough time as a fresher in a small screen.She went to many TV stations showing her abbility,her experience and communication skills.She worked on a community networks and connected to local audiences.She then got the opportunity in working The Weather Channel which changed her life.With the help of her clear determination and simple attitude helped her to grab the confidence and uplift her forecasting skills.According to her,sharing the screen space with Dr. Greg Forbes on The Weather Forecast was her biggest achivement.She then stepped out of The Weather Channel giving series of hit after her contract ended.After leaving The Weather Channel,there was a rumor that she was fired from the company which was a total fake information.She woks as an anchor with a interpreting skills and fluent speaking in WPLG-channel.

She is also a member of National Weather Association and American Meteorological Society.She was accredited from AMS Seal of Approval and NWA Seal of Approval.She holds a graduation degree from Spellman Colege in magna cum laude.Her achievement in the field boosted her career in the weather channel.This black diva with her sensible styling skills with very fluid and attributed nature was the dream of every common man.Although she was awarded with many awards,she did not show any greed upon others and worked as usual but with a more effort and being relaxed.With her salary she can live her desird life which she dreamed.She also have a huge net woth which she mmanaged with her great struggle.

She married to her long term related boyfriend.She with him have a son after marriage.She have a very relaxing and a comfortable way of living as they share a great love between each other.She have a very understading husband with her odd working hours and have no any problems.

She is a fashion icon in the meteorologist field. She has got long slender legs, a cute face, and a signature style. She is a noticeable sensibly charisma.