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occupation Meteorologist
networth N/A
ethnicity White
nationality American
religion Christian
spouse Kevin
place_of_birth San Antonio, Texas, United States
Britta Merwin is an Emmy-nominated and AMS certified meteorologist associated with reputed networks such as MSNBC, CNBC, KCRA and KNSD. She best known for her coverage of the 2008's devastating Midwest Flood and 2009-2010's multiple Nor'easters, tracking Hurricane Gustav, and for reporting on various critical weather.

Early Life and Education

Britta Merwin was born in San Antonio, Texas, the United States to an Air Force family. Now she lived in England but spent her entire childhood in Littleton, which is to the southwest of Denver. Merwin decided to be a meteorologist when she was in elementary school, and she was only eight at the time but later she was more inspired when she was studying in a high school by a local meteorologist. Britta grew up in Colorado experiencing dramatic weather patterns of the Rocky Mountain region. She attended Stony Brook University and was graduated from there in 2006 holding Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Sciences-Meteorology with Cum Laude honors. During her University days, she was also the member of Stony Brook University Cheerleading Squad. She was also involved in different community services. Britta Merwin Biography


She then at WCBS-TV in New York and also KMGH in Denver worked as an internship and accumulated her experience as a meteorologist. After her experiences at the work, she then acquired a critical position at NBC Weather Plus. She was also seen filling in CNBC & MSNBC. Later NBC Weather Plus was bought by The Weather Channel and due to which she along with her hot fellow meteorologist Samantha Davies became jobless. Since 2009, she started working with New Channel. Merwin had her professional career began working with NBC Weather Plus meteorology team presenting and forecasting the weather. She also worked with CNBC World, CNBC, Nightly News, MSNBC, and KNSD. Working as the morning meteorologist, she served for CNBC show named Squawk Box. In 2008, she also worked as the primary meteorologist of dayside programming for CNBC. She gave her huge news in 2008 as she tackled the devastating Midwest flood. She broadcast the news live from NASDAQ in New York City’s Time Square at show Fast Money. She then tracked Hurricane Gustav as it threatened to cripple the off-shore oil rings of Louisiana. She then worked with News 12 New Jersey after working with NBC. In 2009-2010, she reported on the storm and on multiple Nor’easters that slammed the east coast of the winter. Britta moved to California and left eastern seaboard. When she moved to California, she worked as Weekend Morning Meteorologist for KCRA. BrittaMerwin

Personal Life

Britta is now happily married to her supportive husband, a U.S Coast Gurad. The couple has a two sons. She is currently staying at home looking after her children for a couple of years but ready to join her career as a meteorologist. She likes to spend time with a friend and also partying. She had also joined KPRC weather team in 2014. Britta Merwin, a beautiful meteorologist, is able to get a compliment with her skills and quality to attract audiences. Her hot photos can be easily found on the internet.

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