William Edward who is also known as Bill Haslam is one of the famous and most reputed politicians.


William Edward was born on 23 August 1958, in Knoxville of the country Tennessee. He was also elected for the post of 49th Governor of Tennessee. He was also elected as the Chairman of the Republican Governors Association. He is also known as an active member of the Party. He was elected to the post of Governor in the year 2010. The above position and exposure in the political field show his efficiency in the field of politics.

He is a very highly educated person. Regarding his educational life, there is very less information available on the internet. He is a graduate of the Emory University. In his initial phase, he started his professional from a business which he did by joining his father whose name is Jim Haslam. His father was the founder of a famous company named as the pilot Corporation. His father one was selected in the position list of President of the Pilot Corporation in the 1990s time. At the very moment, Bill Haslam father’s brother named as jimmy handled the post of company’s CEO. His then became the CEO of the E-Commerce and Cataloguing division at the high-end department store which was linked to the Saks Fifth Avenue leaving his career as a Pilot. He became the CEO from 1999 till the year 2001. He also becomes the consultant at Saks, served on the board of directors of Harold’s Stores, Inc. Company. Till date also he is still the co-owner of the minor league baseball team named as the Tennessee Smokies.


CAPTION: Bill Haslam
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He is a married person. He was married to Crissy Garrett. They have three children named will, Annie, and Leigh. His father’s name was Jim Haslam. He also started entering politics after he was elected as the Mayor to serve the place of Knoxville, Tennessee in the year 2003. He won this election with 52% of the total vote. He was re-elected for the second time in the year 2007 with 87% of the total vote. This shows his popularity and serves as a major till 2011. After the incumbent, Governor Phil Bredesen’s term was limited and prevented from running for re-election. He himself declared as a candidate for the post of Governor in the year 2009 in January month. He also defeated Representative Zach Wamp as well as Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey in the Republican primary with 47% of the total vote. After this, he went on defeating Democratic businessman. He also defeated Mike McWherter with 65% of the total vote in a general election.

He has a good delivery and a counseling skill. He is also famous among people in the online social networking sites like twitter. He has many fan followers. His twitter id is https://twitter.com/billhaslam. He is not heard of controversy due to his personal life. This is also the reason he has a lot of fans worldwide. He is also said to be participating in the president election in the upcoming year 2016. He also organizes inauguration for the members of his political party as well as events and programs for the Republican Party.


As of 2015, Bill Haslam is said to have a net worth of about $2 billion. He is also known as one of the richest politicians in the United States. Likewise, on 8 March 2012, he also properly instructed his Health and Wellness Task Force to have a special focus on the state’s growing obesity problem. It has an adverse effect on the one-third of Tennesseans. In April month, he also started the “Meth Stops Now” campaign, whose focus was on informing the public about the consequences. He also brought the concept of two years of free education with zero tuition-fee in the community college. This scheme was known as the free college scheme in the year 2008. He is a handsome person with a good personality and fluency.