Quick facts about Brendan Jordan Biography
Date of birth : September 5, 1999
Birth Country: Las Vegas, Nevada
Gender: Male
Height: n/a
Net worth: N/A
Body measurement: n/a
Instagram: @jordvnhaus
Website: n/a
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brendan_Jordan


YouTube star Brendan Jordan. Born on the year 1999, September 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada, he present himself as YouTube Personality by his profession. Coming to this far, he is best known for his went viral video in the year October 2014. The video moves were from the song Applause by Lady Gaga, which was shown live and broadcast from NewsChannel 8. After his viral video, he gain huge media attention in such a short span of time.


Early Life

Born and raised in Las Vegas, he was born to Peruvian father and American mother. Growing up with his younger sister, he has been successful in hiding most of his early life information. He is currently running on his sweet teenage days while he belongs to American Nationality.

The Big moves

Just like every normal day, it was a normal day for NewsChannel 8. They were covering the opening of the duplex mall but they suddenly notice some moves at their background. Not realizing who it was and what was it, they quickly cover the dance moves from their channel live. A boy was dancing in the song named Applause from Lady Gaga, the moves was far better and get huge media attention in a single day and night. The next day, Lady Gaga officially tweeted enlisting his video that he like the moves, dance and Brendan very much. With the statement, all the drag social community member including RuPaul and Pandora Boxx were busy in sharing his video. The video went so viral that all the major media house broadcast his video including The Today Show, ABC News, The Daily Mail and POPSUGAR. During the three months’ time, the video was viewed for 3.5 million times.

After being famous

After the viral video, Brendan got many opportunity. Despite of being famous YouTube and being sensational internet celebrity, he was invited to The Queen Latifah Show where he got chance to meet the superstar RuPaul. Likewise, in the November of 2014, he was offered to be the model for American Apparel brand. He was best reckon for his right platform to create awareness towards LGBTQ community.

Personal life and body facts

Concerning the Internet icon personal life, there is not much information to disclose about him. Regarding his height, he might have the height of around 5 feet 6 inch, however it might change as he is still growing up. Coming towards his relationship background, there is not much information available either. He has not been link with any girl in his life. With that statement it’s pretty hard to say anything about his dating history.