Chris Warren is one of the athletic names in the professional American football career. Born in the year 1967, January 24, Chris represent himself as the former professional football player and running back for the National Football League for 11 seasons by profession. Chris, who has the influential record of playing for several teams, he is best to reckon for his marvelous endeavors in Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles. The award winning football player bio can be taken as an influential and motivational factor for the one who loves American football and trying to carve their path in the similar field. Coming to this far, he now falls into a rich category with a huge name and along with jaw breaking amount of net worth to deal with his life.


Born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, Chris Warren has spent most of his early life in Washington D.C. Chris attended Robinson Secondary School, he graduated from the University of Virginia after from Cavaliers and finished his study from Ferrum College. He started his career from Rams while he was selected for Seahawks in the fourth round in 1990 NFL draft.

He successfully made his endeavors in Robinson (Fairfax, VA), Ferrum (and Virginia) with the record of NFL draft 1990, round 4 and pick 89. Talking about his professional starter, he has played from Seattle Seahawks from 1990 to 1997, Dallas Cowboys from 1998 to 2000 and Philadelphia Eagles in 2000. Highlighting his career highlights and awards, he is the winner of 3 Pro Bowl selection and All-Pro award two times. Having excellent playback career, he is currently busy spending his time as the coach of Edison High School football team based in Alexandria, Virginia. There is no news about Chris Warren salary and net worth.

Covering his utmost personality and other past information, Chris Warren has been actively involved in the field from a very long time. Winning the heart of millions of people with his extravagant skills, he has muscular body structure. Following from the huge fans in his social accounts, many of his fans simply wish him to see shirtless, as he has good physics. Mentioning about Chris Warren height, he stands 6 feet 2 inch tall and has the weight of around 103 kg.

Coming towards Chris Warren wife, marital relationship and other personal facts, it would be foolish to ask whether he has dated a number of women in his life or not. The handsome man might have series of relationship in the past. However, he chooses to be loyal to his sweet wife. Maintaining and being shy to share much information about his married life, Chris currently serves himself as happily married man. The couple has been blessed with two sons among which Chris Warren III is running back for Texas Longhorns Football team. Conlin Warren is his other son while Ariana Warren and Kayla Warren is other two children of Chris Warren. Coming to this far, the couple has been successful in avoiding unnatural relationship and there is no such news which can hinder their beautiful relationship and lead to divorce phase.