American extreme field zoologist and adventurer, Coyote Peterson is widely recognized for his hosting duties on Discovery Digital’s Emmy-winning series “Breaking Trail,” “Dragon Tails” and “Coyote’s Backyard.”

Early Life & Education

Nate Peterson was born on September 1, 1981, in New bury, Ohio, USA. He grew up in the rural area of Newbury area. Peterson gained his education from Ohio State University in the film.His attraction with the bizarre and elusive began at the age of 8 when he covered his first 40-pound Common Snapping ‘Turtle.’ A fugitive predator armed with razor sharp claws and a bite force that rivals the Great ‘White Shark,’ this Swamp Monster is one of the most aggressive reptiles on the planet.

Coyote Peterson

After this triumphant feat, his desire for adventure and danger soon developed, and he gave the rest of his childhood visiting the United States facing animals of all sizes and species. At the age of 10, he caught deadly Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes in Arizona with his bare hands. Being pursued across the prairie and nearly overwhelmed by a ‘Buffalo’ in Wyoming.

He has always pushed the limits of what is close and what is too close at the age of 15. Visiting almost all of the 50 states by age 18 and his adventures across the high U.S. put him in approximately with creatures of all species.

Breaking Trail

Trail Breaking Trail is an Emmy-winning web series hosted on the YouTube channel ‘Brave Wilderness,’ following Coyote Peterson, who goes around the world to show viewers the beauty and sometimes danger, of nature. Brave Wilderness became very famous from his series of videos where he was bitten or stung by different animals.

Coyote Peterson playing with a Wild Ocelot

His freakish self-taught skills are regularly being put to the final test as many biological landmines lay in wait along each step of the tour. With his belief that direct animal contact is the only way to present a high experimental study. Coyote and his team are capturing some of the most powerful animal photography to date.


He and his team faced the rivers and jungles of Costa Rica where they faced massive 15-foot crocodiles, treacherous waterfalls, deadly Fer De Lance Vipers and of all things. Being held captive by refugee farmers at gun point. However, it was Peterson’s near-fatal confrontation with a rogue 30 ft Tsunami wave that nearly took his life and destroyed two major cameras that truly made the trip legendary. Peterson and his company were early distances out into the Everglades.

There he single-handedly captured a ‘9ft 300lb’ American ‘Alligator’ with his bare hands and came face to face with his teen’s dream of taking an Alligator Snapping Turtle. Weighing in at 83lbs, it was the most incredible capture of his career and has become the banner image for the ‘Brave Wilderness‘ series.

Coyote Peterson

Peterson and the team soon speculated deep into the outlands of the ‘Sonoran Desert.‘ Notorious for being a dangerous place packed with venomous snakes, ruthless drug runners, and big cats, the team went up opposite their difficult challenges to date. The highlight of the tour was the digging of a massive pit trap in scorching 100-degree heat, which was used to happily capture a 200 lb Mountain Lion, one of the top predators in North America.

Other Videos

His other videos such as Pinched by a Huge Crab, Stung by a Bullet Ant and Stung by a Cow Killer made a huge success. Peterson started to make videos as he got inspired by Bear Grylls’ show Man vs. Wild.

Personal Life

Coyote made his appearances in many shows, and  interviews. He has introduced his eight years old daughter, Pup Peterson through his different social networking sites. Appearing several videos on Coyote Peterson’s YouTube channel where she can be seen helping her father. She is fearless just like his dad who has been studying different insects and reptiles under her father supervision.

Coyote Peterson and her daughter, Pup Coyote (A pic posted on World Lizard Day)
Source: Instagram/Coyote Peterson


Coyote is a married man but has always kept his personal life extremely low key. He hasn’t talked much about his wife and family publicly. However, he has introduced his cute daughter named Pup Peterson (born 2008) to us through different social networking sites.

Net Worth

The 5 ‘ 11″ star is one of the successful animal experts and also the YouTube star. He has an estimated net worth around $2 million dollars. He also made from website writing, while he writes for several top ranked websites about nature and animals. Some wiki sites also mentioned that he also invests on some animal care center. He also supports for animal health hospitals. We can follow him on his social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, where a huge number of fan following. He holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.