Quick Facts David Scarzone

  • NameDavid Scarzone
  • Birth PlaceChicago
  • ProfessionSinger and Dancer

Coming from behind and making to the top is one artist true capacity and intervention. Considering the side saying, David Scarzone is one of the talented singer and dancers who has won the heart of millions by his performance and association with the famous teen band named IM5.


David Scarzone, who was born in the year 1996, February 6 started his career from the very early age. Having deep interest and enthusiasm in the music field, he began to play a various instrument from the age of 4. The soulful singer with lots of hard work and determination first tried his hands on piano and guitar. During his childhood, he took famous singers and producers like Al Green, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin as his source of motivation. Liking all the genre, he is one of the soulful singer and tomorrow’s kings in the entertainment business. Born and raised in hails via Chicago, IL began his touring in the entertainment business when he was 9 years old. He began touring all around the country with the group MWAH (Messages That Are Hopeful). During his school period, he has the record of attending several musical events along with school’s choir.

After the long and growing history in the musical field, he finally decided to give the audition for the band IM5 in the year 2010. The band member was full of surprise and admitted him as one of meaningful band member and we can simply take other things as the history. David Scarzone bio includes his habits of writing his own songs and originality, he replaced the other band member Dalton Rappatoni in the year 2014. During his endeavors in the band, Dana Vaughns, Gabriel Morales, Cole Pendery, and will Jay were the members.  Though he was quite famous in the band IM5, he officially declared his departure from the band in the date October 20th, 2014. For now, he is beginning his career as a solo artist. The source even states that he is working on his new solo album which might be released in the year 2016.


Concerning about his personal life, David along with his one sister grew up in Chicago. Regarding his physical appearance, he is a tall and handsome man. Though David Scarzone height has not been mentioned anywhere on the internet, however, it can be changed as he is still growing up. Likewise, the source has declared anything about David Scarzone girlfriend and relationship status. Though he might have a list of girls waiting their proposal to be accepted and he might be with someone but the rumors has been quite silent.

Anyway, he is not a married man and there is no chance of him indulging in a relationship for now. Concerning his personal favorite things, he loves to watch the Spiderman franchise as he loves spiderman. He belongs to Italian Ethnicity while he loves to have a candy named Gobstoppers. And just like other several growing children, he loves Disney movie and won’t miss the episode of Lilo & Stitch.