Since childhood, Disney has always been our friend. It’s movies and animations has never disappointed any child.

From few years Disney is busy making live action remakes of the movies. Some of those remakes have made its place in audience’s heart, while few are complete disasters. Successful or disaster, every remake has ruled their first impression due to their hits in animated version.

Today we are going to list few of Disney remake’s blockbusters and flop Disney Live action remake movies. Check out the list below;

Disney’s blockbuster live action remake

Some of the live action remakes of Disney’s movies are super hit among the audience and critics. Check the list of few super hit Live action remake;

Beauty and the Beast 2017

Beautiful and also a scary journey of Belle to break the spell of the beast in the castle was loved by lots of audiences. Featuring Emma Watson, it’s box office collection is $1.262 billion.

Youtube: Beauty and The Beast Trailer;

Alice in Wonderland

Featuring the multiple awards winning actor, Johnny Depp, a live-action remake of Disney’s Alice is the wonderland was a Box Office hit as it was second-highest-grossing 2010 film. The remake made $1.025 billion.

Youtube: Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Depp;

The Jungle Book 2016

Similarly, the movie recreates the story of Mowgli, a man-cub raised by the family of wolves in the jungle. Though the movie did not collect as expected it’s the reviews of the movie was amazing. Its Box Office collection is 966.6 million.

Twitter: The Jungle Book;

Besides all these, there is other super hits remake. They are Maleficent, Cinderella, and much more.

Worst Live-Action Disney movie

Oddly enough, some of the Disney’s live action remake were so ruined that audience were furious even in the hall. Some of the worst Live-actions remakes are listed below;

  1. Flubber
  2. G-Force
  3. The Big Green
  4. Meet The Deedles
  5. A Kid in King Arthur’s Court
  6. That Darn Cat and much more

In addition, Disney’s is now busy preparing for its upcoming Live-action Aladdin along with Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, and Will Smith. Hope Aladdin will not disappoint the viewers.

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Basically, we have listed some of the Disney’s best and worst Live-remake. And if you think differently then, please leaves you suggestions below in the comment box.