When it comes to Kara Young, we cannot forget her relationship with our current President Donald Trump. She is an American model, actress, and entrepreneur, but can you believe that she got more highlighted after her relationship with 45th president Donald Trump??


She dated him for the late 1990s or 2001. And don’t you wanna know further more about her relati0nship before and after Mr. Trump? Yes, then, without any delay let’s get started.

Kara Young Past Affairs with Donald Trump and Ex-Boyfriends

Kara was in a relationship with our president Donald Trump. She dated him approximately 20 years ago. They began to date around 1997 but it was rumored that she was also dating gossip columnist A.J Benza, but later on, it came to know that she was not dating Benze.

[ CAPTION: Kara and her ex-boyfriend Donald Trump ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

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The love triangle was not cleared yet, their matter brought a storm of criticism against Young. She was questioned that with whom she was in a relationship with either Benza or Trump?

And finally, the matter was cleared when Trump and Benza brought this matter to the Howard Stern Show on 10th May 2001 and we came to know that Young, actually was dating Benza but she left him just to be in a relationship with the multi-millionaire real estate developer Donald Trump. 

And the matter was solved. Mr.Trump’s and Kara’s love story is so interesting, do you wanna know?

So, their love story started when Trump saw her at the party in the Hamptons. At that time they didn’t talk to each other but later on Trump asked another person to get Kara’s number and after that, he called her. And their love affair began.

[ CAPTION: Kara and her ex-boyfriend Donald Trump ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

She got a break up with Trump and after that, she is married to her husband Peter Georgiopoulos and is living a happily married life. But before getting into it let’s know about her first marriage.

Kara Young First Husband, Marriage, and Divorce

Kara is an American fashion model, actress, and entrepreneur. She appeared in advertising campaigns as well as Victoria’s Secret.

Being a struggling model as well as an actress, Kara was engaged in some relationships to find the best partner in her life but she was failed several times.

In 1996, she was first married to her first husband Sante D’Orazio. But their relationship as husband and wife didn’t last for long and after 4 years of their marriage, they were separated.

[ CAPTION: Kara and her ex-boyfriend Donald Trump ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Let’s know about her relationship and marriage with second husband Peter.

Kara Young and her second Husband Peter, Their married children and Children

As a matter of fact, Kara is two times married woman. She is currently married to billionaire husband, Peter Georgiopoulos. He is the founder of the General Maritime shipping company.

[ CAPTION: Peter Georgiopoulos and Kara Young ][ SOURCE: blogspot.com ]

They tied a knot in 2005. The couple seems to be very secretive as they have not revealed yet about their love affair but they are living a happily married life. They are blessed with two children and are living happily in New York.

Victoria Secret model, Kara is not so active in social media, or we can say because of her busy schedule she can’t give her time to social sites. But is living a happily married life with Peter.