Elizabeth MacDonald is mostly known as Liz is the stocks editor of Fox Business Network and has a very successful career but what about her personal life? Is she married or not?

The 56-year journalist who looks stunning till the date has always preferred to keep her personal life away on the bay. Besides her professional life, most of us are unaware of personal life. Today in this column we will disclose everything about her boyfriend, relationship, affairs, rumors, so, scroll down to know all.

Elizabeth MacDonald Relationship Status

As we all know, Elizabeth has a very successful career and most of her fans are curious about her relationship status. Being at the age of mid-50s, most of the people would have believed she is married. But without knowing the facts of someone’s personal life, we cannot claim anything. To be honest, her personal life is very mysterious.

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But if we look back in her professional life, maybe her hectic professional career may have pushed her back to be less involved in personal life. She has given most of her time to her work rather than relationship.

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Till this date, none of the media personality has found about her personal life. No one knows either she is married or dating someone else. We cannot claim, but as per the assumption, she might be single as she is not seen with anyone.

Elizabeth MacDonald Gay Rumors

With everything from her hidden relationships to not being spotted with any other guys, her fans once started to think that the journalist is the member of the LGBT (lesbian). It is a regular thing for people to talk about when you don’t say anything about yourself. 

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The same happened to Elizabeth MacDonald. She was rumored to be a lesbian but, she has not stated anything to counter the gayish rumors. 

Elizabeth MacDonald Pregnancy Rumors

As per some gossip mongers, once she was also rumored to be pregnant. However, later on, the news of her pregnancy turned out to be the false as she never gave birth to any child. Maybe she was suffering from stomach problem.

[ CAPTION: Elizabeth MacDonald ][ SOURCE: Fox Busines ]

So, reading all the above statement, it is obvious that besides Elizabeth’s professional life she has been able to keep her personal life secretive. Hope she will open up all the personal detail soon to remove all the curiosity of her fans.