Quick facts about Jim Cuddy Biography
First Name James
Last Name Cuddy
Date of birth January 23, 1970
Birth Place Canada
Profession Musician, Songwriter
Ethnicity White/Canadian
Religion Christian

Jim Cuddy Biography

Jim Cuddy is a Canadian singer-songwriter. He is primarily associated with the band Blue Rodeo. Jim was born on December 2, 1955, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His birth name is James Gordon “Jim” Cuddy. He studied at North Toronto Collegiate Institute for high school. He then attended to Upper Canada College.


He has been friends with Greg Keelor since his high school. The both together studied at North Toronto Collegiate Institute. After University, they decided to form a band together. At first, they called their band Hi-Fi's. Their first band was along with Malcolm Schell playing bass and Jim Sublett on drums. In 1980 the band released their first single “I Don’t Know Why (You love Me)” and on the B-side “Look what You’ve Done”. All of a sudden, the record did not become a big commercial success. They headed off to New York when they couldn’t get a record deal in Toronto.

They were unsuccessful in getting a breakthrough in New York and met Bob Wiseman while they were in New York. Bob later became their keyboardist in Blue Rodeo. They moved back to Toronto. After moving back they formed Blue Rodeo in 1994 which includes Cleave Anderson on drums and Basil Donovan on bass with Cuddy, Wiseman, and Keller. He also has recorded three solo albums with the Jim Cuddy Band featuring Bazil Donovan, Anne Lindsay, Colin Cripps, Gavin Brown and Joel Anderson. Kathleen Edwards, former Weeping Tile member Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, and Sarah Harmer were guest performers.

Jim Cuddy

    “I recognize that for a lot of people, their love of royalty is about fairy tales made manifest. But I have no feelings like that whatever. I didn’t even like fairy tales when I was a kid. But the more I real about [Prince William] the more I admire him. I come to it from having watched ‘The King’s Speech’, about somebody that had to completely sacrifice and subjugate his personality to become king. That something is the spirit that Will is following. I mean, he could be Harry. He could just be leading a rich guy’s life.”


Cuddy is a happily married man. He got married to beautiful Rena Polley. She is a Canadian actress. The couple together is blessed with three beautiful children named Devin, Emma, and Sam. Devin was born in 1987, Emma in 1988 and Sam in 1992. There is no any sign of divorce or separation between them as they are living happily married life. They are both supportive towards each other. He also has a brother named Loftus Cuddy.

In the 2004 Canadian federal election, he was a Conservative candidate for the riding of Toronto-Danforth. He advocated for Guy Vanderhaeghe’s novel The Last crossing in the 2004 edition of Canada Reads. Along with Greg Keelor, he became an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2013.

According to our record, Jim Cuddy's net worth is estimated to be thirty thousand dollars (2016).

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