James “Jim” Middleton, a young talented musician from Florida,  has gained name and fame as a singer and multi-instrumentalist at the very early age. Middleton has recently completed his high school and he already made his identity as one the talented and skilled musician.


Jim Middleton can please an audience with soothing music of Saxophone, guitar, and piano. He is mostly known for his skills in playing jazz music and has been considered as a rising star in the American Music industry. 

Jim Middleton Early life and Education

Going back to his early life, he was born on 20th June 1989 in Highland Beach located in Florida in the United States. He was born as a second child to David and Karen Middleton and has older sister Amanda. With a small family of 4 members, Middleton has been living normal and conflict-free life. His father is an auto mechanic by profession and his mother is a postal clerk.

Middleton completed his school education from Southridge High school. During his high school days, he was loved by everyone as a funny guy and an easy going guy. He has been a follower of art from his school days and started to play alto saxophone from his school days. Falling in loving with music, he developed a rigorous practicing schedule and spent more time on music.

Jim Middleton Career

Starting his musical career from alto saxophone, his interests expanded to another kind of saxophone and he started to take guitar class as well. In a recent, he has been learning piano as well and he has become a proficient musician in a short period of time. He has been flourishing his skills in saxophone, guitar, and piano and is scheduled to appear on an audition of University of Southern California’s music program. People often criticized Jim for being out of shape and some people find Jim loud and obnoxious.

Till date, he has not revealed any recorded music but we can expect some soothing tune from in coming days. We might expect his collaboration with some prominent musician from the United States in coming days and some tour s as well. Moving to his personal life, there is no information on his relationship, affairs, and girlfriend. Being passionate about music, he might have been able to locate time for girls. As he is a talented musician, he might have been the point of attraction to the many girls but he has not picked anyone till date.

Describing his outer appearance, he stands tall with a height of 6’0’’ and has a weight of 188lbs which isn’t evenly distributed leading him to out of shape. On the trip, he prefers to wear sporting baggy jeans and a pair of white running shoes with a black t-shirt. Despite his body shape, he was considered much better-looking guy than any other members of his band. He has a shapely nose and narrow, piercing brown eyes. His short brown has added more handsomeness in him. This rising star could lead American music to the next level in the coming days. People are more than excited to listen to his first recorded music.