Justine Ezarik is famous as iJustine all over YouTube channels with 550 million viewers since 2006. She was born on 20th March 1984. She was popular later when she gets the opportunity to communicate directly with millions of her viewers on her channels (ijustine.tv or on Justin.tv) as a lifecaster. She was described as a “new media star”, “lifecasting star” or she is renowned among the most famous lifecaster. She releases and updates her videos on her channels named iJustine and iJustineGaming to reach to her audience.


Justine Ezarik's coming into a highlight instantly was her iPhone bill which was about 300 pages, after the 1st month of the service, on 2007 A.D. Her videos got viral and favored her much for the growth of her career; she earned some attentions on the international level. She desperately used twitter to share her videos and her heartfelt words. She falls under top 1000 twitter users and has followers of 1.8 million. She did get a chance to show up at Criminal Minds, The Annoying Orange, The Vampire diaries, The Bold and the Beautiful and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

    “You see, my Apple loyalty started early, for no reason other than the fact that my mother is a teacher, and grade schools back then seemed to be stocked almost exclusively with Apples—we bought this second computer with my mother’s educator discount.”

Justine Ezarik might have been destined to take birth in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the first girl of Michelle, her mother who was a physical training teacher, furthermore her father Steve Ezarik, a coal digger from the Slovakian descent. Justine is additionally from claiming Polish, Irish, English and German descent. She had two more sisters who were younger to her, Breanne and Jenna. In the chance of claiming her high school graduation from Bentworth High School, she resided in the Scenery Hill region in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

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After completion of her graduation from the renowned institution Pittsburgh Technical Institution on 2004, Justine Ezarik arrived at a few employments done on graphic designing and on some video editing, before she further thought of starting her own business. In December 2006, the "Yahoo! ability Show" announced she as one of the five finalists of the show. She assumed to take up with photojournalist covering a case of a bank theft of downtown Pittsburgh on the TV series known as “The Kill Point” featured John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg, shot during 2007. On 2007, she might have been an incidental co-host and also a board member of MacBreak furthermore MacBreak Weekly along with Leo Laporte.

Justine Ezarik, being beautiful with a height of 1.6m has attracted many fans toward her. She has been a source of inspiration for many who has been struggling hard to make a career on YouTube. She being silent about her relationship status till date has created much curiosity among the media as well as the audience. To remain updated with latest gossips about the beautiful lady, follow her on social platforms.