Early life and Education

Kieran Gilbert introduces himself as an Australian journalist who has been serving in the position of the chief political reporter at Sky News Australia. He had experience of 16 years in the field of journalism and considered as one of the highly experienced journalists of Sky News. Born in Australia, Kieran Gilbert was raised along with this brother Tim Gilbert. He attended Charles Sturt University and earned Bachelors of Arts (Communications). He earned his Masters of International Studies from the University of Sydney. Upon graduation, he started to work at Sydney radio station 2UE as a General Reporter, and later he became Breakfast News Editor. He has also been associated with the Canberra Press Gallery as a member.

At Sky News

Gilbert started his career at Sky News in 2002, and he became a member of the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery in 2003. Gilbert has been serving as an integral part of Sky News Canberra bureau. Canberra bureau is a highly respected Bureau of Sky News, which is considered as the primary source of breaking news out of the nation’s capital. He has gained a special place in the Sky News as a leading political reporter and has been covering major news stories such as the 2010 cliffhanger election, Kevin Rudd’s 2007 victory, and Howard’s fourth election victory in 2004. Additionally, he has been covering major global news events such as Barack Obama’s inauguration as the 44th President of the U.S. He also covered the story of the boxing day tsunami. Being in the field for more than 16 years, he has been able to prove himself as an asset for Sky News. To gain the position he currently holds, he struggled with various difficulties. He has been a source of inspiration for the youth who has been carving for the career in journalism. Recognizing his contribution in the field, he was awarded the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Elizabeth O’Neill Award for journalism in 2010.

Hidden Personal life

Gilbert has hidden his personal life nicely from media. He has not spoken anything about his married life, relationship, and children. He might have been in several relationships, but he always prefers to maintain a distance between his personal life and professional life. He seems successful in maintaining a balance between the two lives. Throughout the successful career as a leading journalist of Sky News, his early earnings must be in million dollars, but the exact figure of his net worth has not been revealed yet. Bold personality Gilbert mostly appeared on the television in a black suit and with his unique presentation style; he has been able to give the distinct impression in public. Gilbert is active on Twitter, and he has more than 23K followers on Twitter. He keeps updating about political issues and hot news on his Twitter account. Detail information on his professional life can be found in his profile in the official website of Sky News.