Academic Background and beginning of career

Tom Connell introduces himself as an Australian journalist who has been active in the field since 2009. He is currently affiliated with Sky News Australia, where he has been serving as a political reporter. Connell attended a Bachelor of Arts from Melbourne University. After earning bachelor's degree from Melbourne University, he attended RMIT University, from where he obtained a postgraduate degree in journalism in 2009.

Upon graduating, he started his professional career and since then he has been able to show his strong presence in the field. He is considered as one of the prominent political reporters of Sky News and has been covering various political stories for the networks. Having insight knowledge on Australian politics and international politics, Connell has been able to present a broad analysis of political events.

Career at the Sky News

Connell started his career in Sky News in 2009, after graduating from RMIT University. Initially, he worked as a liaison producer and business reporter for the Sky News; he worked in the position for more than two years. In 2011, he started to work as a journalist based Brisbane and contributed in coverage of the 2012 Queensland State election. Later on, he shifted to Canberra and became a Federal political reporter. On the same year, he became a member of the Canberra Press Gallery. He has also worked as a substitute anchor on various programs broadcast on Sky News such as Saturday Agenda. He has also contributed in presenting highlights packages of Australian question time which were aired on numerous international channel such as C-SPAN in theUnited States of America. With his unique presentation style, he has been able to prove himself as an asset for Sky News and has been able to name himself as one of the prominent journalists of Sky News.

Hobbies and personal life

Besides his professional life, Connell spends time in Music. He is an ardent music lover and has played drum for a band before he started his career in journalism. Tom Connell is a traveling personal and believes in learning through traveling. He can be seen riding his push bike around the Australia’s capital. There is no information about his birth date but by looking at his face and skin, he looks like a thirty. Connell has not spoken about his personal life in media. There is no any information about his married life, children, and relationship.

This enthusiastic young journalist has been able to gain recognition as the well-known journalist at the early age. He might have been paid high by the Sky News, but there is no any report on his financial status. He currently resides in Canberra, Australia and has been working for Sky News dedicatedly. Connell is active on Twitter, where he keeps on updating about economic, political and environmental issues in Australia and around the Globe.