McKayla Maroney a former artistic gymnast, who won a gold medal with the US Olympics gymnastics team and an individual silver medal in the vault event at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Besides that, she is also an actress.

McKayla Maroney Early Life

McKayla Maroney born as McKayla Rose Maroney was born on December 9, 1995, in Long Beach, California, United States.Both her parents Mike and Erin Maroney were involved in sports during their youth.

Her father played quarterback for the Purdue University team, and her mother participated in figure skating during her high school days. She has two siblings named Tarynn and Kav. Since her childhood, she was very energetic and a flexible body.

Her mother recognized her natural talent and decided to train her as a gymnast. Kayla was given home education to concentrate on her sport.

At the age of nine, she enrolled at the Gym-Max in Costa Mesa, California and set her sights on the Olympics. She also enjoyed soccer, ice skating and tennis in her free time.

McKayla Maroney Career

McKayla Maroney started to train at Gym-Max at the age of nine, which set in Costa Mesa in California. That was a time when she got a dream to appear in the Olympics and with time she made her dream come true.

In 2009, McKayla Maroney played in one of her first championships, which were at Texas, Visa Championships. About her participation there, McKayla Maroney declared that she was too young at that time to really think about what was, in fact, occurring there.

At the age of 13, she participated in the Visa Championship in Dallas, Texas. Then, she came seventh at the Cover Girl Classic in Chicago. By then she made vaulting her high point which she proved by securing the first position in a vault at the Visa Championship at Hartford.

Her confidence grew with her success and from there on there was no looking back for McKayla as she took three gold medals home from the event in vault, floor and team events. She first got in the 2011 World Championship and later held in 2013 Championship. She was not very happy to get the silver medal for a vault in the 2012 Olympics and needed to have a different go for gold at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

However, due to injury and other health issues she had to declare her retirement from gymnastics before the Olympic Games commenced.

Besides gymnastics, she has seemed in a few television serials such as Hart of Dixie ( 2012), “The Spark in the Park” (2013) and had plans to debut as a singer. McKayla has a bright future ahead of her singing career.

McKayla Maroney Controversy

In 2014, she faced a controversy when her nude photos leaked online. It was during this time that numerous other celebrities found that their iCloud accounts were hacked, and private images of them were shared publicly on the Internet.

The pictures of Maloney ended up on adult entertainment sites, but she denied that they were of her. Later on, however, lawyers confirmed the pictures were in fact of Maroney, taken before she was 18 years old. The lawyers demanded they be removed from websites.

Have a look her seductive photo:

McKayla Maroney accused of getting lip fillers, however, she denied the claims that she had lip injections in her interview with Seventeen. According to her Instagram photos, it does look like her lips are fuller, but maybe she is just that good at applying lip liner.

McKayla Maroney Personal Life

Mckayla Maroney prefers to stay away from media when it comes to her personal life regarding her husband, boyfriend. She has never stated about her boyfriend. Possibly she is single and not married. She has many supporters from around the world, who want to be her boyfriend. In her spare time, she prefers to go movies and parties with the friends.

McKayla Maroney made the headlines when she was standing on the Olympic podium, accepting her Olympic medal in 2012. That time she made her expression like looser “not impressed.” It all started when a cameraman captured the expression on her face. The picture quickly became a viral on social sites forever immortalizing the “sour” loser face.

McKayla Maroney Net Worth

Rising to all these successes achieved in her Gymnastic career, Maroney’s net worth stood at a promising $200,000 value immediately after the Olympics. McKayla and her Olympic gymnastics teammates participated in the 40-city Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions, which was held in California on September 2012.

In that event, each gymnast was paid a handsome salary of more than $100,000. Being an actress, she is also earning a handsome salary from her acting and endorsements. As of now, her estimated net worth has $1million.