Michael Shamus is an American actor who has done various movies and also appeared in TV shows based on profile information. Having present in the film industry since 1986, he has appeared in over 100 films and TV shows.


Michael was born on October 27, 1955, in Everett, Washington, USA. His parents were Mary Lou Wiles and Roy Wiles. He was grown with younger brother Timothy Wiles, who is also an actor of Fight Club, Magnolia, and 50 First Dates. He has five siblings Timothy, Teresa, Patrick, Kathy, and Peter. He belongs to the White ethnicity. He graduated from Bangor High School in Bangor, Michigan in 1973.

Michael has played as an actor for Breaking Bad (2008), Sons of Anarchy (2008) and Fights Club (2005).

Michael became more popular after portraying the role in Breaking Bad as ASAC George Merkert. He is also known for recurring role as Jury on Sons of Anarchy. In his early career period,  he was in  an episode of Dr.Quinn, Medicine Woman in 1993.


When its comes to highlighting Michael’s achievement, he is a most popular celebrity who is much engaged in filmography and television show. He has gained abundant viewers and followers from different types of appearance with unique characteristics in movies. We have seen him in horror movie as Tor in  “Terror at Ten killers” (1986). Then after,  in 1994, he was starred as Stanley in action horror movie, “Puppet Master 4”, directed by Jeff Burr and produced by Charles Band. In 1997, he was cast in the movie “Lost Highway” (1997) as Guard Mike.It was an action thriller movie which was highly admired by the critics. However, it was not box-office hit movies and was ranked as an average movie. In the same year, he portrayed his role in the movie” Profiler” as  ‘Bryce Radford’ which was bit successful movie.

Michael Shamus Wiles also appeared in “The X-Files” (1998-2000) as Black Haired Man. This movie was science fiction thriller movie based on Carter’s television series. This movie was a very successful movie which earns approximately $189 million. It also got the positive review from Critics.

Michael Shamus sets himself as the versatile actor when he portrayed role as  Mr.Cole  in the movie Rock Star (2001), an American musical comedy-drama movie which was based on real-life story of Tim S ” Ripper” Owens(American heavy metal singer ).He also made his presence in the movie  Dark Blue (2002) as Internal Affairs Detective.

In 2007, he was excessively identified from the movie “Transformer”, produced with a budget $ 150 million, which was science action film bound with Computer animation and live-action between  Alien Robots ( one as heroic ‘Autobots’ and another as villain ‘Deceptions)’. It earns around $709.7 million with a huge profit and was the fifth highest-grossing non-sequel film of 2007 worldwide. Michael was starred as ‘Two Star General’ in the movie.

Michael’s acting career reached the level of satisfactory when he got an opportunity to play in the series  “Breaking Bad” His boastful performance as ‘ASAC George Merkert’ in 11 episode of Breaking Bad (2009-2012) raised him to the peak of his career as an actor. His success doesn’t limit here.

Further, he got various movies such as The Mentalist (2012), Last Resort (2013),  Iron Man 3 (2013), Killer Women (2014), The Bronje (2015), and Grey’s Anatomy (2016).

He debuts in the movie Terror at Ten killers (1986-08-03).  His remarkable performance was notified from movies like Puppet Master 4, Lost Highway, Rock Star, and transformers. He has also appeared in a 2015 production of the  “Hydrogen Jukebox”.

His upcoming movie is “Death Note”(supernatural thriller movie) which is getting high attention from his fan followers. This movie will be released on August 25, 2017. The trailer seems really interesting and full of suspense.

Personal Life

There is no any particular information about Michael Shamus’s marriage. It’s quite surprising for a 61 years old man is still living a single life. It seems that there is no burden of wife and children on him. Nevertheless, he might be dating someone which he doesn’t want to publicize. He is very successful to keep away his personal life from media attention.