Quick Facts Patti LaBelle

Patti LaBelle, a former lead singer of ‘Patti Labelle and The Blubelles’, is an American legendary singer, actress, and entrepreneur. In a career that has spanned for 50 years, she has sold more than 50 million records worldwide. Mostly noted for her vocal power and range, LaBelle is identified as the Godmother of Soul.

To know more about Patti LaBelle, stay tuned! Some of her important highlights such as; net worth, singing career, awards, past relationships, boyfriends, husband, children, properties, parents, the revelation of her sexual molestation case, and many more, are dealt in brief in her bio below!

As of 2019, this iconic and highly respected singer known as Patricia Louise Holt has an expected net worth of $50 million. Pretty huge isn’t it? Further, she has an interesting personal life, too. The beautiful LaBelle has had multiple affairs in the past. So, without further ado, let’s take a deep look at her personal and professional life!

What is the net worth of Patti LaBelle as of 2019? Know her income, assets, salary, business, and properties

The 74-year old LaBelle enjoys an impressive net worth estimated to be around $50 million. LaBelle has garnered a mind-boggling fortune solely through her music career and is enlisted among one of the highest earning celebrities.

No doubt, given her 50 years of long professional journey, LaBelle’s earnings should be at the stratosphere from various record sales, concerts, tours, and royalties. Besides, an as a solo artist, an actress in films and television, and television talk show appearances, she has boosted her net worth.

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As of 2019, Patti is still hitting the studio, stage, and shelves, and most recently she launched her line of food products, Patti’s Good Life. Well, analyzing her active work ethics, we hope that in the upcoming future, Labelle’s net worth will again see a huge increase.

In 2015, LaBelle’s $3.50 Sweet Potato pies became the hottest dessert of the season. Walmart averaged between $1 million to $2.5 million on a single weekend related to the sale of LaBelle’s pies.

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LaBelle owns a beautiful house in Pennsylvania worth $0.92 million and has a quite nice collection of cars which include BMW, Mercedes Benz, Bentley Continental GT, and many more.

CAPTION:Patti LaBelle’s house in Pennsylvania

Despite the spike in popularity thanks to the digital platform, LaBelle said she needs no adjustments on her business strategy to the ever-evolving business landscape due to the social media platform.

In addition, LaBelle has a decent fan following on social media too. As of now, she has more than 688k Instagram followers, 306k Twitter followers. Moreover, her Facebook page has more than 1.7 million followers.

How is Patti LaBelle’s Personal Life? Who was her boyfriend? Whom Did She Marry? Know about her relationship status!

Well, its nothing new for a popular celebrity to fall in love with their fellow colleagues and professionals. Same happened with LaBelle, she married her old-time friend Armstead Edwards in 1969.

CAPTION:Patti LaBelle’s ex-husband Armstead Edwards
SOURCE:Country Living magazine

Edwards after their marriage started as Patti’s manager until the couple separated in the late 1990s. Labelle and Edwards announced their legal separation in 2000 and three years later, their divorce was finalized. Nevertheless, the pair spent more than a three-decade with each other.

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Prior to Edwards, LaBelle was engaged to Otis Williams, one of the founders of The Temptations. The pair started dating in 1963 and finally, they engaged in 1964. Sadly, their romance lasted only for two short-lived summers.

Do you know Patti LaBelle’s Boyfriend is 30 years younger than her?

As of now, LaBelle is reportedly in a romantic relationship with her drummer Eric Seats, who is 30 years younger than her.

CAPTION:Patti LaBelle with her boyfriend Eric Seats

The couple first met when Seats was hired as LaBelle’s drummer for her Vocal group. However, Labelle’s son Zuri doesn’t like the idea of his mother dating a man so young.

Patti LaBelle’s son currently works as her manager!

From her marriage with Armstead Edwards, LaBelle has a son named Zuri Kye Edwards, born in 1973. Zuri, now 46 years old is currently working as his mother’s manager. What a lovely son! Also through Zuri, LaBelle is a grandmother.

CAPTION:Patti LaBelle and her son Zuri Edwards
SOURCE:Getty Image

Additionally, the kind-hearted LaBelle has two other people in her life who are like sons to her, Stanley and Dood Stocker-Edwards. Moreover, she adopted her sister’s children and is a godmother of William and Stayce Holte from her adopted son.

Do you know LaBelle was sexually assaulted? Know about more controversy!

LaBelle accounted in her memoirs that she was sexually assaulted by Jackie Wilson while at the Brooklyn Fox Theatre in the 1960s. Also, it was known that a family friend molested her when she was 7.

Similarly, in June 2011, a West Point cadet filed a civil suit against LaBelle after he was allegedly assaulted by her bodyguards on the singer’s way to a gig in Louisiana.

As per reports, Richard King, a 23-year-old cadet on spring break, verbally assailed LaBelle and exchanged heated words with her son Zuri Edwards, working as her driver at the time.

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According to court documents, King’s intoxication level was almost 3.5 times the Texas legal limit that day. Initially, he could not remember what happened and authorities reported him as the aggressor, but no one from LaBelle’s team pressed charges.

After King was given a suspension from the U.S. Military Academy. He sued LaBelle and Holmes for assault, seeking $1 million in civil court which later was ruled to the soul singer’s favor.

Patti Labelle Career Highlights and Awards!

Actress and singer Patti LaBelle is widely regarded as the queen of rock & soul music. She has received acclaims for many songs including “Lady Marmalade,” “When You Talk About Love,” and “New Attitude.”

CAPTION: Patti LaBelle and The BlueBelles

SOURCE: Amazon.com

She began her career as part of the Ordettes in 1959, who became The Bluebelles in 1961. Her success as a solo artist started in 1983 when she released her hit album I’m in Love Again.

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The first single off the album, “Lady Marmalade,” became the group’s first No. 1 hit in 12 years.

Here’s a video of Patti LaBelle performing live Lady Marmalade!

Patti LaBelle released her eponymous solo debut in 1977, which received critical acclaim.

In 1991, LaBelle released Burnin’, which hit gold status and landed the singer her first Grammy Award. She was honored again for her work in 1993 when she was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Patti LaBelle’s Present Career

In addition to her success as a singer, LaBelle has also written several books, including the autobiography, Don’t Block the Blessings (1997), the diabetic cookbook LaBelle Cuisine: Recipes to Sing About (1998) and Recipes for the Good Life (2008).

She has also recently launched her own line of sauces called Patti LaBelle Good Life.

LaBelle has starred in numerous stage and screen productions, including roles in the films A Soldier’s Story (1984) and Beverly Hills Cop (1984); an appearance in the Broadway gospel musical Your Arm’s Too Short to Box with God (1982); and a recurring role in the television series A Different World (1990). More recently, LaBelle appeared on the popular series American Horror Story in 2014.

The following year, LaBelle took on a new challenge. She became a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, partnered with professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev. LaBelle’s competitors include actress and author Suzanne Somers and athlete Michael Sam.

Patti LaBelle Early Life, Parents, Siblings

Patricia Louise Holt was born on May 24, 1944, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to father Henry Holte, and mother Bertha Holte. Patti, an American by nationality belongs to the African ethnic group. In addition, she follows Christianity.

Despite enjoying her childhood, LaBelle later wrote in her memoir that her parents struggled to save their marriage and eventually separated; Labelle was 12 at that time. 

Further, she was raised alongside her two elder sisters named, Vivian and Barbara. She also had a younger sister named Jacqueline. Unfortunately, all of LaBelle’s sisters died because of cancer.

Singing and formation of her first vocal group

Patti joined a local church choir at the Beulah Baptist Church at ten and performed her first solo two years later. Growing up, she listened to secular music styles such as R&B and jazz music as well.

At 15, Patti won a talent competition at her high school, John Bartram High School. This success led to Patti forming her first singing group, the Ordettes, in 1960, with schoolmates Jean Brown, Yvonne Hogen and Johnnie Dawson.