Quick Facts Rick Cosnett

Actor Rick Cosnett was born on April 6, 1983, in Zimbabwe as Richard James Cosnett. He is also a cousin of Hugh grant and Australian actor. Rick Cosnett spent his childhood in Zimbabwe and moved to Australia but currently lives in the US. He studied BFA Acting at QUT. He is well known for his roles in the series like “The Flash” and “The Vampire Diaries”. He also worked in theatre and also producing televisions/theatres and even writing.


He is actively doing films and series since 2004.  He has appeared in “Forensic Investigators” in 2004/5 as Mal Henshall in eight episodes. In 2005, he appeared in “Headland” TV series as Brad Partridge (3 episodes). In 2006, he appeared in the movie “The Bet” as Mike Voss. In 2007, he appeared in TV series “East West 101” as Greg Small for a single episode. In 2008, he played a short role in movie “The Terrorist” and in TV series “The Trojan Horse” as Will Tullman (2 episodes). In 2009, he has been seen on movie “The Neighbour” (Short Role) as and series “The New Inventors” as The Inventor (5 episodes). In 2010, he played as Curtis in “The Elephant in the Room” (short role). He was also the co-producer of this movie. In 2012, he played as Simon in the movie “The Timing of Love” and in 2013 as Brian in movie “Continuing Fred”

In 2013-2014 he appeared in TV series “The Vampire Diaries” as Wex Maxfield in 12 episodes. In this character, he played a role of biology professor and a vampire hater where he conducts various experiments on the vampire to make them against vampires. In this role, he worked in a secret society called Augustine where he injects different substances to captured vampires and turns them to vampire hunter. In this character, he loves torturing vampires and conducting painful experiments on them. He was much noticed on this role.Rick-Cosnett

In 2014, he appeared as Eddie Thawne as the main cast in season 1 where he played a detective in the central city and knows the reality of flash. He can be seen in 24 episodes of the flash. But now Rick Cosnett leaves flash. This gave him more fans than ever where he truly showed his acting skills and talent. Recently, he is doing Quantico where he has a recurring role (2015) as Elias Harper. In Quantico, he is playing a gay character as FBI analyst. He is also introduced as kind hearted and a funny guy. He is also doing Sky bound in 2015 which is an action thriller. It seems that he has a great career ahead.

Rick Cosnett is single currently but his ex-partner is Katharina Samsel. He has no children and owns an apartment in Chegutu, Zimbabwe. His horoscope is Aries. He is non-religion but believes in god. As of 2016, Rick Cosnett’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million dollars.