Robin Meade Got Married to Tim Yeager and Happily Living; Does the Couple Have Kids?

September 4, 2018
First published on:May 30, 2018
by samriddhi

The former Miss Ohio and lead news anchor for HLN's morning show, Robin Meade who is the cousin sister of famous singer, Blake Shelton, is happily married to Tim Yeager since 1993.


The 49 years' actress, Robin who also became the semi-finalist in the Miss American pageant is not only anchor and host but she is also a singer. Talking about her professional life, she is still going well on it.

Not only that, she also has been able to maintain a good family relationship. Get to know the reason behind her maintaining the professional as well as personal life as we are going to disclose it all.

Robin Meade Married Husband Tim Yeager

The Journalist, Robin got married to husband, Tim Yeager back on 6th November 1993. It has already been 24 years the couple got married and still, they seem to be in their honeymoon phase. Even after spending more than two decades with each other, the couple is able to keep their married life stable.

[ CAPTION: Robin Meade with her husband Tim Yeager ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]
[ CAPTION: Robin Meade's painted picture of her with husband Tim Yeager as an anniversary gift][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Talking about the origin of the couple's love story, they met each other at their college and gradually developed their relationship. In an interview with some tabloid, Robin talked about the truth regarding their relationship. As per Robin, her husband fell in love with her at first sight and later on she accepted the proposal.

Although the couple is going to celebrate the silver Jubilee in their relationship, the couple has not shared the children together. But they care about their pet like own children. And gladly, we never have got to hear about any bad rumors regarding their relationship.

[ CAPTION: Tim Yeager with his pets ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The Reason: Robin and Husband Tim Strong Relationship

The most important thing in the relationship is love and trust. Isn't it? Talking about the main reason for Robin and Tim strong bond they never get boar being together and sharing every moment. In fact, they love to most of the thing together. Either going out for dinner or long vacation.

[ CAPTION: Robin Meade with her husband Tim Yeager ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]
[ CAPTION: Robin Meade with her husband Tim Yeager ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]
[ CAPTION: Robin Meade with her husband Tim Yeager ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The most important part of the relationship is to spend as much as time together. If we view them on social media, we can see lots of pictures of them spending time together. So, we believe, giving time to and sharing every moment of the life is the main reason for their long-lasting and romantic relationship.

Hope the romantic couple will stay together for the rest of their life without any obstacles in their marital life.

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