The #MeToo movement, that brought forward many cases of sexual misconduct in Hollywood and has made people question personal safety in the workplace. Sexual harassment in the workplace or any other place for that matter should not be normalized. So, how can we end sexual harassment at the work?

Some of the types of sexual harassment can even be identified as a criminal offense. So, it is important to take sexual harassment in the workforce seriously. Such inappropriate behavior should not be brushed off as a joke or overacting in the victim’s part. Here are some of the steps to stop harassment at workplace.

Rules and Anti-Harassment Policies

First and foremost, there must be rules regarding sexual harassment in the office. It is necessary to address the issues and work on anti-harassment policies. Sexual-harassment should be taken seriously since it can harm the employees.

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The rules should not be discriminatory. A good anti-harassment policy can help to control the instances of sexual harassment and other types of harassment in the workplace. The management must keep this into consideration.

Create Awareness About Sexual Harassment

The next way to stop harassment in the workplace is creating awareness about the issue. The employees must be provided information regarding such inappropriate behaviors. They should be encouraged not to involve in them. Also, training sessions to recognize sexual harassment in the workplace must be conducted.

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The rules and policies regarding sexual harassment in the company must be thoroughly explained to the employees. The employers are responsible to create a safe work environment so, they should actively strive to monitor such activities in the workforce.

Comment on the Behaviour

Sometimes, a person may not realize that their behavior is upsetting. So, one must be able to communicate their uneasiness. You must approach the situation carefully and address the inappropriateness of their behavior.

It is important to be brave and stand up for oneself. Communicate how you feel when such instances take place. Respond calmly to their reply and reiterate your concerns if needed. It is imperative to clearly state your problems. Also, listen to their side and try to create an understanding.

File Complaint and Complaint Management

If the situation gets out of hand and the concerned parties do not come to a compromise or understanding, one should file a complaint. Report the behaviors that you find unsettling about the person.  

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The complaints should be taken seriously by the managers. A thorough investigation of the situation must be done. The complaints must not be taken out of context. If the employee is then found guilty of sexually harassing the victim, proper actions must be taken. The management must also make sure that the victims do not face retaliation for a complaint.

However, it is necessary not to use such policies for ill intentions. In case the victim is lying to get revenge or act on the personal rivalry, actions must be taken against them as well. Therefore, a thorough investigation of the problem is imperative.