Quick Facts Robin Vernon

Robin Vernon is an American actress as well as a producer. Vernon is better known for her appearance in the TV series South Beach Classics in which she starred alongside her ex-husband Ted Vernon.

She was previously married to her boyfriend Ted Veron and had a son from their relationship. But the couple divorced in 2015. Her other movie appearances are in Hell Glades and Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre.

Robin Vernon Bio, Early life, and Education

Robin Vernon was born on 11th April 1968, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States. She belongs to an American nationality. However, Vernon hasn’t disclosed anything about her parents and siblings. When she was 10 years old, her parents divorced. 

After that, Vernon was raised by her mother in Florida. Vernon attended the Boca Raton High and further learned acting and modeling. 

Robin Vernon Movies & TV Series Career

Since her high school days, Robin Vernon began her acting as well as modeling career. Vernon gained a wide recognization after appearing in television show South Beach Classics along with her ex-husband Ted Vernon. 

Youtube: South Beach Classics 

Likewise, Vernon further starred in the movie Hell Glades in 2013. After that Vernon starred in the 2014 movie Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre.

Robin Vernon Married, Dating, Children, & Divorce

Robin Vernon is a divorced woman. Vernon was previously married to her boyfriend Ted Vernon and had a child from their relationship. Ted is an American film producer, actor as well as a former wrestler. 

Vernon met her ex-husband Tod for the first time in a blind date in 1998. Soon after their first encounter the couple fell for each other and began dating and even started living together. After dating for two years, the duo decided to take their relationship to the next level and finally married in 2000

It was the first marriage for Vernon but for Ted it was second. From his previous marriage, Ted had two children. Well, Vernon and Ted had a son named Ted Vernon Jr. born on 4th November 2004. Moreover, in 2005 the couple started a business called South Beach Classics auto car dealer in 2005

[ CAPTION: Robin Vernon and her ex-husband Ted Vernon ][ SOURCE: Frostsnow ]

Furthermore, they even started their own show called South Beach Classics on Discovery’s Velocity network in 2011. However, the couple later faced a terribly complicated relationship. In 2015, Vernon moved away from home along with the son.

Caption-Robin Vernon and her son

Later the couple ended their long-term relationship and finally divorced. The reason for their divorce is due to domestic violence. 

Robin Vernon Age, Height, and Weight

Aged 50, the talented and gorgeous actress Robin Vernon stands the height of 5 feet 9 inches i.e. 175 cm tall and weighs 55 kg i.e. 121 lbs. 

Robin Vernon Net Worth, Income, Earning, Life Style

Allocating information from several sources as of 2018, it is found out that Robin Vernon has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Her main source of earning is through acting and producing. To date, she has starred in numbers of movies and tv shows and has further produced several of them. 

Vernon started earning money since her early ages. Other than her acting and producing career, Vernon even co-owned  South Beach Classics auto car dealer with her ex-husband Ted Vernon.