The two Times Academy Awards winner, Sean Penn’s failed married life is known every one of us. He has now opened about his current relationship status with ex-wife, Robin Wright.


His first marriage with Madonna did not last more than five years. And his second marriage couldn’t last even after being the parents of two children. Sometimes things are just not meant to be!!!!!!

Sean and his second wife, Robin Wright got married in 1996 and divorced in 2010 without stating the reason behind the separation.

The couple reached a private agreement on child and spousal support, a division of assets, and custody of their son who was almost 17 at the time.

After these many years of Divorce, Sean has finally opened up about his relationship with ex-wife, Robin.

Twitter: Sean and Robin don’t share ethical views on parenting;

He said,

don’t have a lot of conversation, We don’t get along

He also said their way of parenting is totally different and their ethical views about parenting do not match.

He concluded saying, though they have different thoughts, their children’s life is going well.