Quick Facts Shaquille ONeal

  • NameShaquille ONeal
  • Birth Place Newark, New Jersey
  • Professionbasketball player
  • MarriedYes
  • Married toShaunie Nelson
  • Children4
  • Nick Name “Little Warrior”

Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal who is best known for his nickname as Shaq is a retired professional basketball player of America. Shaq who was born in the year 1972, March 6 in Newark, New Jersey is one of the heaviest and bulky player that NBA and the world have ever seen. Having the marvelous height of 7 feet 1 inch, Shaq has the record of playing in six major big teams and is currently serving as sports analyst in the famous programed Inside the NBA.


Shaq who was raised in New Jersey was weight 7 pounds 13 ounces during his birth and was given the Islamic name better known as “Little Warrior”. Shaq was the son of Lucille O’Neal and Joe Toney however their parents never married with each other. Coming from the small family, her mother raised him along with his grandmother and used to work as a nurse.

Later her mother got married to U.S. Army Sergeant Philip Harrison and moved to Harrison family where he was companied with step sisters Ayesha and Lateefa. He went to Robert G. Cole High School, San Antonio, Texas and begin his official NBA career and made his college win the State Championship for two years. He later graduated from Louisiana State University. Shaq also played for the Louisiana University where he received the award of player of the year in 1991 and was later included in LSU Hall of Fame. The college career helped him to get an entry in one of growing club Orlando Magic.

Shaquille O’Neal bio includes his involvement in Orlando Magic from the year 1992 to 1996 where he has showcased his marvelous playing skills. Shaq has 23.4 points in the first year while he has 20.7, 29.3 and 26.6 average points during his time in Orlando Magic. Likewise, he attended Los Angeles Lakers in the year 1996 and stayed there for the year 2004. The turning point came when he was hired by Miami Heat in the year 2004, he played 73 games for Miami Heat and became one of the sensational players of Miami Heat.

Likewise, he attended Phoenix Suns in the year 2008 and joined Cleveland Cavaliers in the year 2009 followed by Boston Celtics in the year 2010. He retired from the professional basketball career in the year 2011. While analyzing his bio, he has altogether 28596 points (23.7 ppg), 13,099 Rebounds (10.9 ppg) and Blocks 2732(2.3 ppg). In his professional life, he was regarded as one of the high salary paid player while his worth was boosted every.


Coming back to her personal life history and physical appearance. Likewise, he is a happily married man and has been very far away from controversies, marriage disputes, and divorce cases. Shaq married Shaunie Nelson in the year 2002 and at the current time, the couple shares four children with each other.