Trent Harmon Biography

From a young fellow taking care of his cows to enjoying the last throne of American idol, Trent Hermon has surprised everyone with his powerful soulful voice, energizing performances, warming vibrato, distinct facial expressions, over the top humility, never give up attitude and country boy heritage.

Here are some trivia, some tiny-winy goodies you may not know about him.

He was unaware of his talents.

When he entered through the door and met judges for the first time with his guitar, calmly querying the judges how they felt and sharing his country story, all of the judges expected him to sing a country song.

However, he amazed everyone with his deep powerful soulful voice when he sang R&B sensation, the hippie with a soul, Allan Stone’s Unaware. Amazingly, the judges panel comprising of Jennifer Lopez , Keith Urban, and Harry Cornick  J.r created a sense of thriller post his singing.  Jlo said he freaked her out and Keith stated he wasn’t expected that, and then Trent asked Keith “Was it ok? man.

He showed class on his first audition.

Later, he stated to the judges that he isn’t fishing for the compliments. After that, JLo awkwardly consolidated him by stating he doesn’t have to fish for any compliments, admitting that he surprised her with his soul and dynamic rich R&B singing after “the restaurant, farms and the vegetables” story.

Indeed, he was glad for his roots when he shared the story and he never made the vegetable reference. Yet, he was sufficiently modest to state ‘I welcome it” after her “the vegetable story ” reference.

He is one of a kind proud countryman.

Trent hails from a small town called Amory, which is located in Mississippi, United States.

The 24-year-old lives on his family owned 400-acre farm with his family and about 350 cows. His family consists of his dad, mom, and younger sister. Amazingly, they run a family restaurant, which is situated on the farm, particularly renowned for stakes. The Hermans are  one hardworking family. No wonder, their unique yard to the table restaurant, LongHorn, is extremely popular there.

Trent also revealed in the first audition that his family has been in Amory for 30 years. Amory was formed in 1887. That means his family has been in Amory since the time of its formation.

He sings to cows.

Yes, he sings to his cows. He learned music growing up in farm and singing to his cows. Here are his words committed to his darling dairy animals.

“In order for me to achieve anything of merit in music, you gotta leave the farm. You can sing to cows all you want. I have been doing it for a long time.They don’t clap, they don’t care.. they don’t buy albums.”

He is known for his crazy faces

Indeed, his fans pray him for his unique, rich in notes and dynamic singing style, which is most of the time highlighted by his crazy faces.
American idol guru Scott helped him during practice sessions to solve his crazy face antics.

He then began rehearsing before mirrors. We need to concede he has reduced his insane face making propensity. But his fans love his crazy faces. In fact, during an American idol episode, he also revealed that he was unaware of such habits until Scott confronted him. He also mentioned during the episode that his singing style helps him hit the note.

Interestingly, we have to agree with Trent here, like Trent says, he doesn’t watch his singing videos. His unconscious crazy countenances truly fun to watch. Be that as it may, numerous individuals may contrast the thought. Like Trent says, his insane faces may strike to someone that Trent is sometimes trying to bite his ear, particularly when he moves his head sideways and pulls his mouth downward while singing.

He was an underdog

Although Trent never let judges down, he was always seen as an underdog in comparison to 22 years old run/riff singer La’Porsha.

His debut single is leading La ‘Porsha’ “Battles” and Dalton Rapattoni’s “Strike A Match” on the i-tunes sales chart.

As of Sunday, April 10, 2016 (EDT), his debut single “Falling” is placed fourth on the iTunes single chart.  If you may, the song, which music aficionados like to describe as a perfect fusion between a bluesy style and southern rock magic,  is written by Urban, Dallas Davidson, and Brlikeett James.

Big Machine Record founder  Scott Borchetta describes him as a fusion of pop and country.

Scott was happy to sign him under the Big Machine Record label. Trent enjoyed the record  deal and a brand new Ford car as a part of American idol winnings. Scott has insisted that Trent will be making a country album. Scott has a dream to see Trent as “the country Justin Timberlake”.

Justin Timberlake permitted his tune to be used as a part of American Idol  for the first time surprisingly for Trent.

The melody was JT’s Bring You Away and Trent nailed it.

He is a well-behaved man

American rock singer and American Idol 2008 winner David Cook didn’t want Trent to call him M.r.  Cook. Trent would show similar respect to previous year contestants.

He made his rival finale contestant La’Porsha to feel better after winning the title.
He said to her:

‘Whatever comes out of Ryan’s mouth, we’re going to hug until they separate us. I don’t care whose name gets called, La’Porsha, we just won a car! And you don’t win cars every day. So we’re going to be okay, La’Porsha.’

  • The first song he learned to sing was “Amazing Grace” at the age of 5, thanks to his inspiring mother.
  • He inspiringly performed solo in a group round on American Idol after he was diagnosed with severe mono.
  • Seeing her child could sing both melody and harmony since an early age, his mother urged him to pursue music.
  • He doesn’t want his family members to be in his live performances since he is superstitious.
  • He is a pass out from Amory High School and graduate from the University of Arkansas at Monticello.
  • His favorite American idol contestant is David Archuleta.
  • He was 9 years of age amid American Idol’s season 1 Justin/Kelly finale and he was worried about the possibility that a tornado drill will halt his plan to watch the event.
  • He participated in several musicals during both of his University of Arkansas and high school days. He even initiated many worship services at the University of Arkansas.
  • He is a multi-instrumentalist, as he can play guitar, drums, and piano.
  • He was a Voice hopeful in 2014.
  • He is dating his exquisite blonde girlfriend, who accompanied him on his American Idol audition day. She went ballistic with euphoria after hearing from Trent that he got the call.
  • He was known as the headphone guy during his American Idol period.